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Making A Difference

You can make a difference with one donation, one email, one conversation, one presentation, one legislative visit, one letter, one newspaper article, one TV appearance, or one radio segment that is filled with passion, compassion, and love.

History has proven that people are successful not because of brilliance, but because of persistence and desire. Advocates are not afraid to make a difference.

Advocates build relationships, the more, the better. Advocates don’t give up.




Video has been editied for time. For the complete video click here:

NY State Dept. of Health: Prescription For Radon


Paul A. Locke, MPH, DrPH

Director, DrPH Program in Environmental Health Sciences

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Gloria Linnertz, 2013 former CANSAR

Radon Activist and Advocate

Present Director of Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction