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Our Members

Our members cover most of the United States. Some have experienced Lung Cancer or have family members who had it. They have volunteered to provide advocacy in the state where they are located. We are so proud of the efforts of our members and their commitment to the mission of radon awareness education, testing and mitigation.

Gail Valenti-MD - Member

Dusty Donaldson-NC / Lung Cancer Survivor

Barb Sorgatz-IL / Lung Cancer Survivor

Gail Orcutt-IA / Lung Cancer Survivor

Faye Dugan-CO / Husband had Lung Cancer

Lori Tassin-IA / passed away from Lung Cancer

Steph Langstraat-IA / Lung Cancer Survivor

Bill Trudeau-IL / Wife passed from Lung Cancer

Naomi Herzberg-CA / Lung Cancer Survivor

Traci Sestili-CA - Advocate

Rachel Oslund-MD Advocate

Debbie Violette-ME / Lung Cancer Survivor

Maureen Quick-MN- Oncology Nurse

Valeria Culet-CO / Father passed from Lung Cancer

Lisa Massey-TX / Father passed from Lung Cancer

Tammy Linton-CO - Mitigator

Travis Jewell-UT - Mitigator

Laura S. Rossinow-MA - Realtor

Cory Smith-IN - Radon Professional

Jenny White-TN / Lung Cancer Survivor

Ranee Shenoi, M.D.-CO - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Donn Anderson-WI - Mitigator

Todd and Maria Thompson-IL - Mitigator

Erika Obrecht-MO - Mitigator

Dawn Sandoe-IN - Radon Professional

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