CR3 News Magazine 2019: November Issue - WHY Only $14 Million? - Page 32

... Janet Joins The Bark Side continued.

A: Such an important message, Janet. And I think you speak with a certain amount of authority on this subject.

J: As a radon-induced lung cancer survivor, this is personal.

A: Do you think Hudson has canine dreams of being internet-famous one day?

J: Well, he certainly loves the camera and is always ready to pose.

A: I can see that in his Bark Gallery photo. You know what I’m going to ask next, right?

J: Yes…

A: We’d love to see you in a video with him!

J: I am sure he would consider that.

A: That’s great, keep us posted on what he decides. In the meantime, thank you for talking with us today, Janet. And thank you for carrying the message as a Bark Ambassador.

J: It’s my pleasure and honor to be a Bark Ambassador!

Readers, send your pet photos to and tell us why you’re testing for radon this fall. We’ll feature your pet in the Bark Gallery.

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