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A: It sounds like Morris was fortunate to find a second home of animal lovers. We really love our pets like family. That was the inspiration behind The Bark Side of Radon. Why wouldn’t we want to protect their health too.

J: They are furry children to a lot of people. Owners should only want the best for their pets. We live in the city again now, and the number of young people who have dogs is amazing. They take them everywhere with them. They really are their children.

A: It makes me hopeful to learn that researchers today are investigating the link between radon exposure and cancer in domestic animals – even if the work is at a very early stage.

J: I would really like to see the veterinary profession consider the link between cancer in pets and exposure to radon gas in the home. We are seeing an increase in lung cancer in women who have never smoked; it stands to reason if adults and children are exposed and at risk that their pets are equally at risk. Testing is the only way to know your home is safe.

J: As a radon-induced lung cancer survivor, this is personal.

A: Do you think Hudson has canine dreams of being internet-famous one day?

J: Well, he certainly loves the camera and is always ready to pose.

A: I can see that in his Bark Gallery photo. You know what I’m going to ask next, right?

J: Yes…

A: We’d love to see you in a video with him!

J: I am sure he would consider that.

A: That’s great, keep us posted on what he decides. In the meantime, thank you for talking with us today, Janet. And thank you for carrying the message as a Bark Ambassador.

J: It’s my pleasure and honour to be a Bark Ambassador!

Readers, send your pet photos to and tell us why you’re testing for radon this fall. We’ll feature your pet in theBark Gallery.

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