CR3 News Magazine 2019: November Issue - WHY Only $14 Million? - Page 22

p g p y g g g p threat from indoor radon. Morning presentations included a review of the scienti c basis of radon-induced lung cancer, success in reducing radon risk, building science, recommendations for testing, EPA action levels for mitigation, PA laws and regulations, and e ective radon risk communication strategies that can be used to motivate testing in the Lehigh Valley. The day concluded with small-group sessions and collaborative work on strategies to determine e ective measures that can minimize or eliminate radon-induced lung cancer. “Developing better communication about the risk as well as advocating for and enacting state policies to address the problem will have a major impact on decreasing the harmful health e ects of radon,” says Cronin.  Dave Zimmerman, LVHN Community Health Department, (left) and Representative Mike Schlossberg '05 at the collaborative workshop.