CR3 News Magazine 2019: November Issue - WHY Only $14 Million? - Page 10

Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) and The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) have joined forces as GO 2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. The Lung Cancer Research Program is in Jeopardy. Your voice can help save the ONLY DEDICATED lung cancer research funding from the Federal government government--the largest funder of research in the world.    The United States Senate has EXCLUDED the Lung Cancer Research Program from its version of the FY2020 Defense Appropriations Bill. The United States House of Repre Representatives retained the 10-year-old old program at a continued funding level of $14 Million in its version of the Bill. The Senate version would ERASE those committed dollars and instead move lung cancer research into a collective Peer-Reviewed Reviewed Research Progra Program m that competes funding with other cancers and carries NO GUARANTEE that lung cancer research will receive any funding at all. The lung cancer community will be set back 10 years with the Senate Appropriation version. We must all speak with ONE VOICE to rally lly behind the House Appropriations Bill for FY2020, which if approved would bring federal funding for lung cancer research up to a total of $155.5 Million. About Us GO 2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, formerly Lung Cancer Alliance and The Bonnie J. Addario Foundation ndation for Lung Cancer, transforms survivorship as the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving, extending, and improving the lives of those vulnerable, at risk, and