CR3 News Magazine 2017 VOL 4: SEPTEMBER Radon Resolutions - Page 29 is a Web-based resource from the National Library of Medicine (NLM). It provides patients, family members, health

care professionals, researchers, and the

public with access to information about

clinical studies on a wide range of

diseases, as well as information on the availability of experimental drugs by

expanded access (or "compassionate

use"). This information is provided

and updated by the study sponsor or

investigator. Listing of a study on does not reflect

endorsement by the National

Institutes of Health (NIH). enables visitors

to search for studies by disease or

condition; drug, device, or other

interventions (e.g., medical procedure); recruitment status; study location; and many other study characteristics. As of May 25, 2017, lists information about 245,500 clinical studies and expanded access in all 50 states and 200 countries.


Page 29