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EXHIBITOR SEMINAR Pre-Register online to select your interes topics 12 March 2019 11.00-12.15 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis Language 13.15-13.45 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis Language 14.00-14.30 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis Language 14.45-15.15 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis Language Information as of 10 January 2019 ลงทะเบียนออนไลนลวงหนาเพื่อเลือกหัวขอสัมมนาที่สนใจ Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Onimax Co., Ltd. New Innovation for New Dupont Dr. Gao Hao, TS&D (technical service & development) manager, Food, Pharma&Medical Asia Pacific., Mr. James Du, Technical Manager, North Asia – Health, DuPont Nutrition & Health New DuPont Company & Pharmaceutical Excipient Portfolio Introduction Nutraceuticals -Trends and Innovative Offerings 1. Global trend in nutraceuticals 2. New DuPont innovative Clean-Label offerings in Nutraceuticals a) Non-Animal based Seagel Technology for Soft Capsules b) Clean Label Enteric Coating for Capsules Dupont Innovations facilitating better processing and higher quality of final product Advantages of Co-processed MCC (How it differs from chemical modification and physical blends) English Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Onimax Co., Ltd. Smart polymers for dermopharmaceutical applications and challenges Ms. Catherine Bulcourt, Marketing and development manager Dermopharmaceutical activity, Seppic-Air Liquide Healthcare Specialty Ingredients Presentation of our smart excipients range for topical drugs, and how they can be used in different dosage forms and applications (Skin & Mucosea). Overview of the last results obtained on Sepineo polymers to illustrate their easiness to use and their versatility. Data will be shared on the large compatibility with a combination of solvents and fatty phases over a wide pH range. Discover how Sepineo polymers can help open the doors of topical pharceutical innovation with various API, and for all regulatory status. English Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Evonik and Jebsen Advanced drug delivery with EUDRAGIT® product Mr. Sudhir Toraskar, Business Director – Asia South, Business Line Health Care Completed Bachelor Pharmacy from Goa college of Pharmacy and MBA from Goa Institute of Management. Started carrier in Production department in Knoll Phrama -Goa.Worked for 4 years in both solid orals and Liquid oral manufacturing. Moved on technical Marketing profile in Colorcon and worked for four years on solid oral coating technologies. Joined Evonik (Then Degussa) in 2007 as Technical service manager and moved on to take sales responsibility in 2010. Currently Heading the Evonik- Health care business line for Asia South English Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Printing Technology for health care industrial Ms. Wannipa Khumplang Product Manager, Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The medical industry is known to be most advanced in the way in which new methods have been developed, to mention the technologies that drive all of this forward. The smart choice for any workplace to increasing productivity and reducing costs are priorities in any workplace. Medical industries are using many color label and barcode applications to the manufacture pharmaceutical, both clinical and non-clinical. That’s because healthcare color labels are one of the best methods for tracking and managing productivity, patient-critical processes, medical orders, supplies, expensive equipment and internal logistics such as shipping and receiving. Colorwork label print solutions are affordable, accurate, and efficient. For more information at www.epson.co.th Thai 8