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MAXWAY CO.,LTD. Booth no. G2 PERLEN CONVERTING AG (PERLEN PACKAGING) Booth no. Q21 SuperTab 24AN SuperTab 24AN is an agglomerated anhydrous lactose, processed by fluid bed granulation. It combines the benefits of granulated and anhydrous lactose: superior compaction, excellent flow, minimum water content, low hygroscopicity, and low lubricant sensitivity. These properties make SuperTab 24AN an ideal choice for many DC tablet applications and capsule fillings. OHAUS INDOCHINA LIMITED Booth no. L4 PERLALUX® - Tristar ultra and Ultra protect "Our ultra high barrier product range primarily for blister packaging offers best in class PVdC properties, closely coldform. The new PVdC generation reaches highest barrier demands on water vapour, oxygen and aroma permeability. Especially suited for hygroscopic products and for use in demanding climate zones. For more information visit www.perlenpackaging.com" QINGDOA YUTAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. First Launch in THE WORLD Booth no. K6 Multi Tube Vortex Mixer Multi Tube Vortex Mixer are ideal for high throughput Sample Processing, Suspensions, Testing in Clinical, Environmental and Chemistry Lab. Process up to 50 samples at a time. Speed range up to 2500 rpm and operation time up to 160 hrs. Both Analog and Digital model provide OPKO HEALTH SPAIN SLU. Booth no. LB15 60CC AMBER GLASS BOTTLE Hotselling 60ml amber syrup bottle R.X.CO., LTD. Booth no. F2.f Plactive Progen "Innovative food supplement based on plasma proteins (grow factors), HC-15 (complex of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate), which encourages the regeneration of the organism in cases of musculoskeletal, ligament or tendon injuries. Its formula is complemented with bioactive Collagen peptides and vitamin C. Presentation: box with 20 sachets." 17 www.rx.co.th Air-X Tablet (Mint Flavoured) 1 tablet contains 80 mg of simethicone. Indication : Excessive accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract.