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HUBEI GOTO BIOPHARM CO., LTD. INTERTHAI PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING LIMITED Booth no. E12 Booth no. F2.b UDCA(Ursodeoxycholic acid) "UDCA(Ursodeoxycholic acid) CAS # 128-13-2 Crude Prrity: 85%+ EP Standard USP Standard" HUBEI HUAQIANG HIGH-TECH CO., LTD. Booth no. LB32 First Launch in THE WORLD Branded Products / OEM Services We strive our best to develop and manufacture a wide variety of products including pharmaceutical medicines, cosmetics, dietary supplement products and traditional medicines with high quality, safety and efficacy under our trademarks/brand names; Foresto, Natcare, Eureka and Interwel to supply our valued customers/partners both Thailand and oversea countries. JIANGSU HENGRUI MEDICINE CO., LTD. Booth no. A16 LAMINATED RUBBER STOPPER "Laminated rubber stopper is a butyl stopper coated by Teflon film (ETFE or EFT), The stopper is for the drug of unstable chemical properties. Which is used for the drug of Cephalosporins, biological preparation, sterile powder for injection, therapeutic infusion drug which has sensitive chemical and biological activity etc. " INTERSCIENCE Booth no. M8 First Launch in ASIA Sevoflurane Inhalation Anesthetic Sevoflurane Inhalation Anesthetic is used in the induction and maintenance of the general anesthetic of pediatric in-patient and out-patient surgery. it is approved by US FDA and EU. The sales of this product have covered over 10 countries in South America, Asia and the Middle East. JIANGSU LEFAN CAPSULE CO., LTD. HARD EMPTY CAPSULE ScanStation ScanStation® is a real-time incubator and colony counting station centralizing incubation, detection and counting of 100 to 300 Petri dishes simultaneously. Colonies are detected before clustering or covering can occur, and are differentiated from writings and debris. Results appear 3 times sooner comparing to classical method. Get your free trial! 15 Booth no. G14 First Launch in THE WORLD Product Details:Materials: HPMC, sourced from fiber of pines or cottonFunction: Used for holding solid drugs and cover bad favor; disintegrates and release drugs in stomachAdvantage: Pure plant source, no BSE/TSE risks, avoid risked caused by gelatin cross-linking reactions, suitable for vegetarians, low moisture, no crisps.