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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT Information as of 14 December 2018 BIOLAT JSC Booth no. HA18 First Launch in THE WORLD ASIA DRUG & CHEMICAL., LTD.PARTN. Booth no. LB7,11 DPL-BioPharm SENO X Age Reversal Dr. Paul Lohmann®, with more than 130 years expertise in manufacturing salts, offers a specially developed high-purity DPL-BioPharm grade for a broad range of organic and inorganic salts. These raw materials are used in both upstream and downstream processes such as culture media, buffer solutions and other process aids. SENO X Age Reversal is first in a new class of anti-aging nutraceuticals called Senolytics. Active ingredients act to keep senescent cells in check by slowing their formation, neutralizing their excreted toxins, and thwarting dysfunctional aberrant cells. Product acts on senescent and aberrant cells to revitalize health and promote youthfulness. ASIAN ACADEMY OF MEDICAL Booth no. HA22 SCIENCES LIMITED. First Launch in ASIA BLOOMAGE FREDA BIOPHARM CO., LTD. Booth no. Q13 Sodium Hyaluronate Glipizide Controlled Release Tablets Glipizide Controlled Release Tablets (5mg, Laser Drilled Hole Osmotic Pump): For Type-II diabetes. Listed on Vietnam market. BANGKOK LAB & COSMETIC CO., LTD. Booth no. E2.b Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd., the global leading manufacturer of Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) with over 20 years experience, can provide high quality products including cosmetic grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade HA. BRENNTAG INGREDIENTS (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Booth no. P9 KLEPTOSE® HPB and HP (hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins) Kachana® ( Kachaflavone extract ) Kachana® ( Black Diamond of Asia ) main ingredient is Krachaidum ( Kachaflavone ) or Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex. Baker ( KP ) belongs to family Zingiberaceae. Kachana® is clinically proven to increase strength of muscle, cardiopulmonary endurance and improve sexual function. KLEPTOSE® HPB and HP comprise a range of accessible hydroxypropylcyclodextrins used increasingly as formulation aids to solve difficulties with aqueous solubility, stability or taste. KLEPTOSE® HPB and HP are particularly useful for parenteral solutions, syrups and oral suspensions, as well as for dry formulations 12