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EXHIBITOR SEMINAR Pre-Register online to select your interes topics 15.30-16.15 Company: Topic: Speaker: Synopsis: Language: 13 March 2019 11.00-11.30 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis Language 11.45-12.15 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis Language 13.15-13.45 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis Language 14.00-14.30 Company Topic Speaker Synopsis 9 Language Information as of 10 January 2019 ลงทะเบียนออนไลนลวงหนาเพื่อเลือกหัวขอสัมมนาที่สนใจ Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Pharma Synergies SEA Pharmaceutical Industry: Business Models and Business Plan for the way forward C.P. Shastry, B.Pharm., MS, MDP, R.Ph This interactive strategic session address the following. 1. Global and SEA Regional Pharmaceutical Landscape 2. SEA Regional Business Ecosystem- Macroanalysis 3. Initial and Sustainable Business Models 4. Business Plan 5. Action Plan 6. SEA Pharmaceutical Industry Value Chain Mapping and its benefits 7. Case Studies English Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Pharma Quality Europe S.R.L ALCOA Data Integrity Assessment Dr. Francesco Amorosi, Vice President Business Development, Partner, PQE Group ALCOA Data Integrity Assessment is a fundamental tool for successful regulatory and customers inspections. English Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Onimax Co., Ltd. Skin and actives –Inside&Outside Ms. Emilie Bailbled, Market manager nutrition actives & Mr. Benjamin Gavinet, Market manager dermopharmacy, Seppic-Air Liquide Healthcare Specialty Ingredients Natural actives for health and beauty of the skin- a complementary approach with in & out strategy. Summary: Combining our expertise in Beauty and Health,There are the new secrets for a beautiful and healthy skin. Come and discover CERAMOSIDESTM, an outstanding nutritional ingredient with clinically proven efficacy. It is the ultimate moisturizer for smooth and youthful skin, allowing to replenish the wrinkles and give a healthy glow. Innovate with TECA PharmaTM, a pharmaceutical extract of Gotu Kola used for 60 years in wound healing applications. Discover where its optimal efficacy & safety profiles can be key assets for extending over new therapeutic areas. English Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Constantia Flexibles International GmbH Constantia Digital Services & Innovative packaging solutions for pharma industry Mr. Martin Moser, Technical Key Account Manager, Constantia Flexibles Mr. Andreas Humer, Account Manager, Constantia Flexibles Make sure you check what are the latest Constantia innovative packaging solutions for the pharma industry and discover the advantages of Constantia Digital Services! Not only can we provide perfect packaging solutions for your products, we are also ready for the digital era. The combination of CONSTANTIA Interactive and CONSTANTIA Digital will change the way pharma companies interact with patients by enabling personalized medicine and improving patient adherence, convenience and safety. English Technical Seminar Meeting Room 1 Clarivate Analytics How to successfully build and launch your generic drugs portfolio? Dr. Rahul Pandey, Solutions Consultant, Southeast Asia With more and more players getting into the generic drugs space, it is getting increasingly difficult to put together and market a unique portfolio. You will learn the different set of parameters and angles that can be exploited to create a strategy for generating an exclusive portfolio. Find out on how to spot opportunities to enter new disease areas, pinpoint the markets with significant target patient population, establish the right partnerships, and monitor the competitive landscape of API manufacturers and finished dose companies. English