CPABC in Focus July/August 2016 - Page 43

MEMBERS IN FOCUS A Thank-You to Tax Clinic Volunteers! O n behalf of community groups across the province, CPABC thanks all members who volunteered as T1 tax preparers for low-income individuals this past tax season. In addition to the members in public practice who volunteered their services this winter and spring, 140 CPABC members working outside of public practice applied for a licensing exemption in order to provide volunteer tax preparation assistance. These 140 members prepared an estimated 1,400 personal tax returns through various tax clinics, many of which were organized by local community groups through the Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program ( We’d like to highlight one group of CPAs who have been holding a tax clinic at the Chinese Cultural Centre (CCC) in Vancouver since 1993. Through four Saturday sessions in March and April, these 12 CPAs helped prepare more than 100 tax returns. Says clinic co-ordinator Kin Tam, CPA, CGA, “Year after year, the CCC tax clinic has been well received and valued by the community. Our volunteers hope to continue doing this clinic for another 23 years!” As detailed in the March/April 2016 issue of CPABC in Focus, the requirement for CPABC members (not licensed in public practice) to apply for a licensing exemption was introduced in 2016, along with the provision of professional liability insurance coverage under CPABC’s blanket policy. If you’re a member working outside of public practice and you’d like to volunteer in this capacity, please note that you must apply for the licensing exemption each year in which you plan to participate in an organized tax preparation program. For those looking to volunteer next tax season, the exemption application form will be available online in early 2017. Our thanks again to the many CPABC members who took time this tax season to give back to their fellow British Columbians. CPABC members volunteer their services at the Chinese Cultural Centre. Nastco/iStock/Thinkstock Do you have an announcement you’d like to share in the magazine? Email us at: