CPABC in Focus July/August 2016 - Page 40

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT UPCOMING PD SEMINARS IN JULY 2016 Below are some upcoming seminars in the month of July. Listings for our fall 2016/winter 2017 PD program will be available soon. Visit for the full range of titles and programs, and for course descriptions. If you have any questions, please call CPABC at 604-872-7222 and ask for the PD department or email us at FINAL REMINDER: 2015-2016 PD PASSPORTS EXPIRE JULY 31, 2016! The July 2016 seminars provide the last chance to use up your 2015-2016 PD passports, which are valid for courses dated through July 31, 2016. AVAILABLE FOR SALE NOW: 2016-2017 PD PASSPORTS PD passports for 2016-2017 are now available for purchase. These passports are valid for courses held between September 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017. PERSONAL PD PASSPORT Early-bird rate through Sept 7, 2016: $1,450+GST This is a non-transferable passport for individual members of CPABC. FLEXI PD PASSPORT Early-bird rate through Sept 7, 2016: $1,850+GST This is a transferable passport for CPABC members and other professionals, designed to facilitate company-wide training and/or simply provide group savings. BENEFITS: The Personal and Flexi PD passports are for users who take multiple professional development seminars with CPABC throughout the year. They can help you and/or your organization save substantially on training costs. For the price of a 2016-2017 PD passport, the bearer is entitled to register for six days of passport-valid seminars between September 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017, at no extra cost. Additionally, PD passports enable you to: register for courses any time after your passport purchase without worrying about further payment; meet your CPD requirements with ease, as one passport straddles two reporting years; and conveniently budget education activities for the coming year. EXECUTIVE PROGRAMS FOR FALL 2016 CFO as Navigator – September 21-24 | Westin Whistler Resort Controller’s Management Program – October 12-15 | Delta Grand Kelowna CFO’s Operational Skills Program – October 16-19 | Delta Grand Kelowna CFO’s Leadership Program – October 19-22 | Westin Whistler Resort CFO’s Operational Program – October 23-26 | Westin Whistler Resort ALSO COMING THIS FALL New Societies Act – Free PD Seminar Sept 29, 8-10am, Vancouver Practitioners’ Potluck Oct 25, 8:30am-5pm, Vancouver 40 CPABC in Focus • July/August 2016 ACCOUNTING & ASSURANCE Common Documentation Issues with Review Engagements This executive brief will provide examples of review engagement documentation in the most crucial areas of typical review engagement files. Tips will be provided to improve file documentation in the areas most commonly deficient. July 4, 8-10am, Victoria July 11, 8-10am, Vancouver Audit of Small Entities This course is for professionals who want to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in auditing small entities. It will focus on the Canadian auditing standards that are most relevant to small entities. July 8, 9am-5pm, Vancouver NFPO – A Survey of the Standards under Part III of the Handbook This seminar will provide an overview of the accounting standards for non-government-controlled not-for-profit organizations under Part III of the CPA Canada Handbook. It will review the application of GAAP with an emphasis on the areas where choices have to be made in the preparation of f [[X[][Y[˂[H LKX[KM\K[]\]X[]H۝XZ[Z[[[[ۚ]ܚ[•\[Z[\[[X[\\[\[H\]Z\[Y[قP H[H\]Z\[Y[[HY\Y[HX[\XXK][\\Y]X[YHH\Y[YYY[P K[H[][ۈو\\\X[K[H MKX[KM\K[]\ӕTT PSQSQSPSSY[Y[[X[][Y[[[\\•\[Z[\[\ۈH[[\\و[[X[][Y[%[\X[\H\\ZۛۈX\]Y\]\HXZ[[ܙH[[ܙH[\ܝ[[\\[Q[TH\ܝ[˂[H KX[KM\K[]\YX]H[[X[[[\\܈\[\X\[ۜ8$“YY][KT^Y]][H[\[\\“X[Y[Y[\[܈[ZY]X[Y[][ۜ]˜^[ۙH[[X\Hو[[X[[ܛX][ۋ\[Z[\[[XHHX\[ۋ[XZ[ܛX]܈H\Hو[[X[[ܛX][ۈ[HYX\܈ݚY[ۜ\[ [ X\X[]Y[[\\[X[Y[][ۜ˂[H X[KM\K[]\