CPABC in Focus July/August 2016 - Page 13

NOTES & NEWS Public Practice Renewal and Billing B y the time this magazine reaches you, public practitioners will already have received an informational email regarding the upcoming renewal process. This summer marks the first time that all CPABC public practice licensees and firms will renew their authorization to practice under CPABC regulatory requirements, and the first time that all are billed on a fully harmonized basis for the period of September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017. (CGA and CMA practitioners were billed a prorated fee in April 2016.) Because CPABC regulates at both the licensee and firm level, this means that more than 2,400 firms and more than 3,400 individual licensees are subject to the renewal process. To help us manage this volume and maximize efficiency, CPABC’s IT team is developing an online renewal and billing solution, which means that the renewal and billing process will be online for all practitioners from 2016 onward. More on the new process Each licensed member will be required to renew their licence and pay their own public practice fee based on their licence category; the fee will not be billed through their firm. For each firm, the partner who is on record as firm administrator will renew the firm’s registration and pay the member levy component of the fee structure—$140 per CPA member working in the firm. Both of these renewal processes will require completion of online information and declarations regarding licence category, professional liability insurance, and practice profile; additionally, sole practitioners will have to confirm any assisting accountant appointments. An advance notice was emailed to all practitioners in late June 2016, and it included information on their current licence category. We expect to send the actual renewal emails at the end of July, with a payment due date of September 1, 2016. This new process is reflective of CPABC’s commitment to effective, efficient, and green business policies. If you have any questions, please email Reminder: CPAEF Bursaries Available T he Chartered Professional Accountants’ Education Foundation (CPAEF) is offering bursaries to students in financial need who are taking CPA preparatory courses or are enrolled in the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). Students taking CPA preparatory courses may apply for a CPAEF bursary if they have completed at least two courses offered by the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) in the preceding year. PEP students can apply for a bursary once they are registered in CPAWSB’s core module 1 (or the MPAcc program at the University of Saskatchewan). In addition to these bursaries, there are a number of named bursaries for students with specific financial needs, such as those who may require assistance purchasing computer equipment, who are single parents (or raised by a single parent), or who are recent immigrants. Application forms can be found on the CPAEF website at under “Helping Students.” The deadline for these applications is August 15, and successful recipients will be notified in September. For more information about these bursaries, please contact David Chiang, CPA, CA, CPABC’s vice-president of member services, at filmfoto/iStock/Thinkstock Reminder: Recognizing Excellence Nomination forms for the 2016 Member Recognition Program are now posted to in the following categories: • Early Achievement • Community Service • Service to the Profession • Fellowship • Lifetime Achievement If you know a CPA who merits recognition, please note that the member recognition committees will be accepting nominations until September 15, 2016. Please visit to view detailed criteria and nomination package examples online. CPABC in Focus • July/August 2016 13