Cowes Harbour Handbook 2019-2020 2019-2020 - Page 85

HARBOUR DEVELOPMENTS SILVERSEA How Sound of the Sea would appear on the Cowes Breakwater Cruise ship Silver Wind LANDMARK DESIGN COMPETITION A sculpture design inspired by the Isle of Wight’s seaside heritage, natural beauty and the seascape and shore sculptures of the great 20th century British sculptor, Dame Barbara Hepworth has won the competition to produce a theoretical design for a piece to be sited on the Cowes Breakwater. Despite the strength of the field, an impressive 29 entries from four schools and home-taught students, Sound of the Sea, designed and named by Year 9 GCSE Art & Design student Ada Kohlmaier-Sims of e Island Free School was considered “an elegant and eloquent response to the brief ”. Alan Titchmarsh MBE, one of the judging panel said: “It was such a rewarding competition; so much ingenuity and so many positive thoughts about a talisman that could become a part of the identity of Cowes.” e Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) competition called for a theoretical response; a design idea of a sculpture that could welcome seaborne visitors to Cowes and that would reflect its sailing traditions, maritime industry and the natural coastal environment. e Commissioners are now exploring ways for this or other potential designs to become a reality. MORE CRUISE SHIPS DURING 2019 As a result of a concerted effort by Cowes Harbour Commission to attract more cruise ships to the Isle of Wight there will be at least 7 visits during 2019. CHC targeted companies operating smaller exclusive cruise ships more suited to the Northern European market and are delighted that so many will be visiting this year, benefiting the economy of Cowes and the entire island. Look out for these luxurious vessels anchored off Cowes during the year. SAFETY IN THE HARBOUR CHC is working with the RYA to encourage safety for everyone in and around Cowes Harbour. CHC is promoting the use of life-jackets and kill-cords on smaller powered cra, both vital to the safety of all harbour users. YOUR HARBOUR Cowes Harbour is a Trust Port, which means it has no shareholders or other owners, but is managed for the benefit of its users. It is run by a Commission of 10 Harbour Commissioners, of which 9 are appointed through a public selection process, and who give their time on a voluntary basis. All of the minutes of the monthly Harbour Commission meetings are public and are available on the CHC website. COWES HARBOUR COMMISSION ANNUAL PUBLIC MEETING 2019 Updates on all of CHC plans will be presented at CHC’s Annual Public Meeting. Thursday 23 May at 1900 Island Sailing Club, Cowes The winning submission by Ada Kohlmaier-Sims COWES 2019 – 2020 For news and updates on Cowes Harbour developments during the season see: 85