Cowes Harbour Handbook 2019-2020 2019-2020 - Page 82

HARBOUR DEVELOPMENTS IMPROVING COWES HARBOUR CHC continues to work to improve Cowes Harbour T he dredging works for the new Eastern Channel have now been completed. In line with CHC’s priority and overriding responsibility for navigational safety and strategic objective to deliver improvements to harbour access, the new Eastern Channel will provide a minimum of 2.25m (below chart datum) channel, and a more direct route to the Solent than the previous Small Cra Channel, allowing smaller vessels safe access to and egress from the harbour, reducing the potential conflict with the larger ferry and commercial traffic movements. e Eastern Channel dredge works were completed by contractor Jenkins Marine during January to March 2019 before the end of the MMO (Marine Management Organisation) consented window that runs through to the end of March 2019. e dredging could only be done over the winter due to the presence of the eel grass beds off East Cowes. e Board of Cowes Harbour Commissioners approved the upfront funding of the Eastern Channel dredge, recognising that under the government’s ‘Guidance for Trust Ports’ the dredging works will be considered as a “stakeholder dividend project”. e Eastern Channel is clearly marked at the eastern end of the breakwater and a new South Cardinal buoy marks where the Eastern Channel meets the inner fairway. The Eastern Channel and new freight ferry lay-by berth 82 COWESHARBOURCOMMISSION.CO.UK