Cowes Harbour Handbook 2019-2020 2019-2020 - Page 76

HARBOUR INFORMATION COWES FAIRWAY Exercise caution between No. 2A buoy and the No. 4A beacon; a strong westerly tidal set may be experienced between HW-2.5hrs and High Water. • Red Funnel’s Red Jet terminal, fast passenger service to Southampton, is next to Town Quay, which has pontoons for visiting RIBs and day boats under 9m in length. • A small scrubbing berth is also available at Town Quay. • Further along the starboard shore are Cowes Yacht Haven and Cowes Harbour Shepards Marina. • On the eastern side of the Medina, East Cowes is home to a range of marine related industries based at Venture Quays, and the Classic Boat Museum Gallery. • Red Funnel's vehicle ferry terminal and new lay-by berth are just south of No. 6 buoy followed by Trinity Wharf. EAST COWES MARINA • e Chain Ferry, which links Cowes and East Cowes, crosses the River Medina immediately south of Trinity Wharf and Cowes Harbour Shepards Marina. EASTERN CHANNEL e new dredged Eastern Channel connects the eastern approaches to Cowes with the Inner Fairway. is enables smaller cra to avoid the main harbour entrance when arriving or departing Cowes from/to the north and east. See Local Notices to Mariners. e Eastern Channel has been dredged to a depth of 2.25m below chart datum, but mariners are advised that shallow water lays either side of the channel until passing north of the Cowes Breakwater. e tide height can be found on the Cowes Harbour website or on the tide boards located at the 4a Beacon (southern end of the Eastern Channel) or north of the channel the nearest tide gauge is the Shrape Beacon to the east of the Eastern Channel. Vessels leaving the Eastern Channel at the southern end should give way to all vessels transiting the Inner Fairway. Sailing vessels or vessels under 20m are not to impede large commercial vessels, including the Red Funnel vessels, which can only safely navigate within the Inner Fairway. 76 A west-southwesterly current, of up to 1.5kts during spring tides, may be experienced between HW-2.5hrs and HW, west of the Shrape Breakwater. Caution should be exercised so as not to be set into the path of vessels navigating in the Inner Fairway. See also page 82 Improving Cowes Harbour for Eastern Channel diagram. Shrape Watersports Area Between Old Castle Point and the Shrape Breakwater is the Shrape Watersports Area; a safe area for leisure sailing, windsurfing etc. see diagram, Approaches to Cowes on page 74. The area is not to be used for activities involving the towing of persons; these are also prohibited within the Inner Harbour and Outer Fairway. See Cowes Local Notices to Mariners: Eastern Channel and Shrape Watersports Area at: COWESHARBOURCOMMISSION.CO.UK