Cowes Harbour Handbook 2019-2020 2019-2020 - Page 74

HARBOUR INFORMATION Diagram of the approaches to Cowes, Fairways and cautions TIDAL MOVEMENTS Tides around Cowes Harbour and its approaches can run up to 3 knots. ese strong tidal streams have a significant effect on the manoeuvrability of commercial vessels and ferries. Please keep well clear. Tidal flows in the Solent can be stronger than in the approaches to Cowes and may even run in the opposite direction to that between Nos. 1 and 2 buoys; therefore approach with caution and look for the tidal flow on the buoys. Just off of Nos. 1 and 2 buoys a westerly-going ebb tide runs between HW-2.5hrs and HW+3hrs with maximum rates (of up to 2.5kts on spring tides) around 1 hour aer HW. e easterly-going flood tide runs from HW+5hrs to HW-3hrs and is weaker with rates of up to 1.5 knots on spring tides. 74 Typical cross currents HW -2hrs at MHWS COWESHARBOURCOMMISSION.CO.UK