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October 2017 Not your typical barn dance: Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival takes place each summer in western Massachusetts’ Berkshires region. This celebration of dance and movement includes hundreds of free performances and master classes that showcase the talents of world-class performers. Turn to page 37 to read about the event, as well as other tour options in the New England states. Features 21 25 29 Two takes on Canada Move to the music City Spotlight: Nashville Courier’s Gabe Webb and Pat Henderson offer their thoughts on their respective recent trips to Ottawa and Winnipeg. Travelers journey to destinations across the U.S. to experience the music they love; see what’s there to greet them. Visitors to this Tennessee town have as much fun with music’s past as they do with its present—and presence. 37 40 Compass 34 Great Plains New England China A heap of history in North Dakota All about the arts in the Berkshires On the UNESCO trail in Beijing Good things in the Badlands Seafood tops Connecticut, Rhode Island culinary scene Cirque heads to China Zip lining and festivals and dining, oh my! Country star opens attraction in Tishomingo Hotels go beyond ‘quaint’ in northern New England The must-see sites of Kearney 1