Courier October Courier - Page 22

Putting the new in New York City New York City, known as The City that Never Sleeps, is living up to its moniker, especially in Midtown Manhattan. In addition to its always-changing lineup of Broadway shows and museum exhibitions, that area of the city is welcoming new attractions this year, including the following three NTA members. Gulliver’s Gate, which opened in May, features more than 300 miniature buildings and 1,000 model train cars Gulliver’s Gate representing locations around the world. The attraction covers more than 23,000 square feet on the ground floor of the former New York Times building, and visitors can get a giant’s-eye view as they check out 3D-printed replicas of Times Square and Grand Central Terminal. The National Geographic ENCOUNTER: Ocean Odyssey will also add to the new New York when it debuts in Times Square Oct. 6. The walk-through experience uses virtual reality technologies to show visitors breathtaking undersea locations. The immer- sive journey includes face-to-face encounters with great white sharks, humpback whales, Humboldt squids and sea lions. Slated to open Nov. 1, the NFL Experience Times Square will offer fans a glimpse into the life of a professional football player and the history of the game. Interactive touch-screen displays will test visitors’ knowledge of their favorite teams and contain information on all 32 current NFL franchises. To learn more, contact Reagan Stulbaum of NYC & Company at —G.W. U.S. Civil Rights Trail Alabama Student Tour The U.S. Civil Rights Trail is “ground zero” for the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement. The Alabama educational tour will take students on a journey through living history in Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery and teaches them one of the most important lessons of the 20th century. Alabama is the state to visit if you are serious about learning more about the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. The Alabama Tourism Department is proud to welcome all student groups and other tours teaching them about our history where the many brave and courageous citizens risked their lives to reshape America. For More Information, contact Rosemary Judkins, Group Tour Sales Manager, Alabama Tourism Department, 334-242-4493 Rosemary.Judkins@Tourism.Alabama.Gov • www.Alabama.Travel 20 October 2017