Courier March Courier - Page 6

FROM THE EDITOR Bob Rouse Editor 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 350 Lexington, KY 40509 USA +1.859.264.6548 I HATE MY BACKYARD. I’m especially unhappy with it now—as we merge into springtime in Kentucky—because of a landscaping project that has created a muddy mess. But even when the project is com- plete, my backyard won’t reach a level of beauty and sophisti- cation worthy of a magazine. This magazine, for example. Now, your backyard, I like. In “Rooms and blooms,” starting on page 24, travel writer Patti Nickell showcases several NTA attractions that boast extravagant, historical homes and grand, gorgeous gardens. This issue takes you into the backyards of NTA members around the globe. Pat Henderson found loads of fabulous vis- tas (and activities, events and museums) in the Four Corners states, pages 30 to 36. And Kendall Fletcher escorts you onto the property several of members in eastern Canada; see pages 38–42. Look out those back doors and see Montréal, an Ottawa museum and Niagara Falls. And on page 43, Kendall helps shine the spot- light on members in Greece, Italy and Turkey. Speaking of spotlights, I took a different approach to our feature on New York City. Last year, I wrote about my own experience in the Big Apple. In this issue (pages 22–23), it’s NTA tour operators who do the talking about the exceptional city—with a big backyard. OK, so look out into your backyard right now. Do you see butterflies? One or two little yellow ones, maybe? Yeah, me, too (except mine are muddy). To see a truly enviable backyard, take a trip to Mexico with Pat Henderson, who in late January ventured to the cen- tral part of the country with A Closer Look Tours’ Monarch Butterflies of Mexico tour. Even if you don’t have time to read the whole story just yet, go to page 18 and enjoy the images. This month’s cover features the glorious glass mosaic of Cosmovitral in Toluca, another image from Pat’s fantastic voyage. You also can take rail voyages with NTA members that give guests a relaxing ride through picturesque mountains and fields in their expansive, impressive backyards. Read details and perspectives on pages 44–46 and 56. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this spring. After a visit to Jordan with Tourism Cares, I’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina, for Contact and in Washington state for a trip with Norwegian Cruise Line and a look-see in Seattle. And maybe by June, after those trips, I can enjoy my own backyard—as I did last summer in the photo at right. Read on, March Courier Destination Index Arizona 34–35 New Mexico 30 British Columbia 27–28 New York City 22–23 California 26, 48, 50 North Carolina 24 Colorado 32 Ohio 50 Greece 43 Ontario 38, 42 Italy 43 Oregon 28 Maine 49 Québec 40 Manitoba 49 Tennessee 24–26 Mexico 18–21 Turkey 17, 43 Michigan 28 Utah 36 Montana 15 Virginia 28 New Hampshire 16 Washington 50 New Jersey 15 4 March 2018 On the cover: Cosmovitral in Toluca, Mexico, includes beautiful botanical gardens that are surrounded by mosaic windows made from more than a million pieces of colorful glass. Photo: Pat Henderson