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Meet the Members PRESENTED BY Hilmar Cheese Company Visitor Center HILMAR, CALIFORNIA NTA contact: Kody Stevens, communications and tour specialist NTA member since: 1999 past viewing windows, where guests can watch our employees package the big cheese. Meal options including Hilmar’s famous cheese chowder with a cream cheese brownie or cheese pie, which is better than cheesecake, are available. Why is touring your attraction such a cool experience for travelers? It is the only place in the world where you taste our famous Hilmar cheese chowder and can see the “big cheese,” a 640-pound crate of cheese, being packaged. Free cheese samples and fresh cheese curds called Squeakers also make everyone smile. What other special programs and touches do you add for groups? We have ice cream-making and cheese- making activities for student groups, though we have learned all ages enjoy these activities! We also have a fun gift basket-making activity. Plus, we recog- nize the tour directors and drivers with a special gift. What do your guests see when they visit? They can step aboard our behind-the- scenes driving tour to see the world’s largest cheese and whey factory and watch the milk trucks unload. Our guided tours in the visitor center go How long have you been in the travel industry? I worked at the Hilmar Cheese Company as a tour guide during college and am excited to be back. I help Denise Skidmore book and manage the tours. Office phone: +1.209.656.1167 Website: What travel destination do you most want to visit? Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry What is your favorite movie or TV show? “This is Us” For more information, contact Stevens at Moostash Joe Tours FREMONT, NEBRASKA NTA contact: Joey Spellerberg, president and CEO Both are motorcoach tours that leave from Nebraska. Office phone: +1.402.721.7944 Tell us about your mystery tours. Our mystery tours range from one to three days. Customers have no idea where they are going until we arrive. Our mystery tours are fun, spontaneous and include some very cool attractions, hotels and restaurants. Website: NTA member since: 2013 Moostash Joe Tours is a family-owned company. How did it get started? In 1975, my father, “Moostash Joe” Spellerberg promoted a tour to Oktoberfest in Germany with his polka band. More than 300 people signed up for the tour. After that, a business was born. In 2018, we will operate more than 125 different motorcoach tours, cruises and international tours, serving customers in Nebraska and the Midwest. Throughout our 40-plus-year history, we have taken over 100,000 reservations and served over 35,000 customers. What are a couple of your most popular tours? Our 12-day Autumn in New England Tour and six-day Mackinac Island Tour. 48 March 2018 I like my job because … It allows me to help our customers experience the majesty and wonder of God’s creation through travel. We have the most amazing tour directors, staff and customers. They are a pleasure to serve and be around. What’s your favorite vacation destination? Destin, Florida. It’s my family’s favorite beach spot. What do you like to do when you’re not hard at work? I love spending time with my wife and daughters. I enjoy being outdoors and playing golf when time allows. For more information, contact Spellerberg at