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Courier’s SIGHTSEEING RAIL GUIDE The view’s the thing 44 March 2018 that encourage passengers to share the experience together.” Robutka just started his seventh year with VIA Rail, which provides coast-to-coast passenger train service in Canada. “I think there’s been a resurgence in rail travel,” he says. “You’re traveling between two points, but trains provide the space, comfort and amenities that make the travel experience special.” You can email Robutka at or visit to learn more. The list on the following pages includes information on NTA members that organize and offer their own rail adventures, including those that offer multi-day tours and those specializing in shorter sightseeing excursions. This information for this list was provided by the member contact and was current as of Jan. 21. With this and all other guides that appear in Courier, members can enhance their presence. Contact for details. NTA-member rail companies take passengers on voyages that vary in duration and setting, but each trip shares a common benefit: magnificent, memorable views. One of those companies, VIA Rail Canada, provides miles and miles of satisfying sights, says Ryan Robutka, senior manager for sales and marketing. “Despite there being many things to do on board long- distance trains, passengers are still captivated by the scenery,” he says. “Many sections of track pull away from highways and allow passengers to see a part of the landscape and scenery they would not have access to when traveling by car or coach.” And while enjoying those vistas can be a solitary exercise, the passing scenery can also serve as a backdrop to—or the focus of—lively conversation. “Our long-haul trains provide a number of social areas: lounges, observation domes and dining cars,” Robutka says. “This gives groups an opportunity to spend time together in settings