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FROM THE EDITOR Bob Rouse Editor 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 350 Lexington, KY 40509 USA +1.859.264.6548 YOU’RE NO DOUBT FAMILIAR with “Tighten Up,” the No. 1 hit song from 1968 by Archie Bell & the Drells. Or maybe you’re not familiar. It’s possible you weren’t alive in 1968. Heck, it’s possible your parents weren’t alive in 1968. So I’ll catch you up. “Tighten Up” is an early funk tune that begins with Archie, in spoken words, introducing himself and the band, stating they’re from Houston, Texas. Then he gives a brief, self-con- fident assessment of the group: “We don’t only sing, but we dance just as good as we want.”* Archie then says they invented a new dance named—wait for it—the Tighten Up, and the rest of the song is the music they “tighten up with.” We dance just as good as we want. I’ve always liked that line. It speaks of talent held in check only by the prudence of Mr. Bell and his associates. I’d like to think we all have limitless talent in some area, and we regulate the amount of expertise deployed at any given time. Here in the Courier office, we might say, “We don’t only write, but we edit just as good as we want.” And that’s true. Any good editor has to be judicious with the red ink; too much criticism can demoralize a writer. (Remember that.) What about you? What talent do you possess in spades? (An example: “I don’t only drive, but I parallel park just as good as I want.”) Go ahead and fill in the blanks: “I don’t only _____, but I _____ just as good as I want.” And then tweet it to us, @NTAnews, with the hashtag #ArchieBell. (Or if you don’t use Twitter just as good as you want, email me: It’s time to tighten up this letter. The July issue has home- state hooks for me. Gabe Webb shares his experiences in Louisville in this month’s City Spotlight, starting on page 29. And my roundup of South Central states (pages 34–37) includes a peek at Bardstown, Kentucky. Both stories mention bourbon. We can’t help it. On pages 24–26, Gabe also gives us a preview to San Antonio, our host city for Travel Exchange this coming December. Pat Henderson covers his beloved Pacific Northwest on pages 38–41. And our newest regular contributor, Kendall Fletcher, gives a heartfelt shout-out to the city of Detroit fol- lowing her Tourism Cares project work there (page 19). More singing and dancing: Bob Hofmann of Broadway Inbound gives us a front-row seat to the trends that are shap- ing group experiences at New York City theaters. There’s more in these pages, of course, but I don’t want to give away the entire plot. Courier not only informs, you know, but it surprises just as good as it wants. Read on, July Courier Destination Index Alaska 50 San Antonio 24–26 British Columbia 38 South Carolina 23 Germany 42 South Dakota 51 India 43 Switzerland 42 Kentucky 29–32, 36 Tennessee 34–35 Malta 22 Vermont 50 Michigan 23 Washington 39 The Netherlands 22 West Virginia 37 New Jersey 51 Wisconsin 23 Oregon 40–41 4 July 2017 On the cover: Visitors to Switzerland can enjoy the scenery from trails and rails. For more about Swiss tours, turn to page 42. Photo: Matthias Pfammatter * This line has often been misunderstood to be “… we dance just as good as we walk.” But Archie Bell himself set the, um, record straight: “We dance just as good as we want. Hell, we dance a lot better than we walk.”