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Meet the Members PRESENTED BY Major Marine Tours & Harbor 360 Hotel SEWARD AND WHITTIER, ALASKA NTA contact: Lindsey Middendorf, director of sales and marketing Office Phone: +1.907.274.7300 Website: NTA member since: 1997 How do your boat tours provide a unique way to see Alaska? There’s no experience quite like seeing a humpback whale breaching or watch- ing a huge chunk of ice break off a tide- water glacier and crash into the water. These incredible sights are best seen on the water on a cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park or Prince William Sound, and our tours provide customers with an exciting, comfortable and educational Alaska experience. Another truly unique experience: enjoying one of our signature glacier margaritas in front of a glacier! What is your most requested tour? Our 6-Hour Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise is our most popular cruise, providing great opportunities for wildlife viewing of whales, Steller sea lion colonies and bird rookeries. This cruise spends time in front of Holgate Glacier, an actively calving tide- water glacier, and it also fea- tures National Park Ranger nar- ration and our famous Alaska salmon and prime rib buffet, freshly prepared onboard and served during the cruise. Anything new coming up you want tour operators to know about? For the 2017 season we started a new orca-focused cruise, the Orca Quest Cruise, which departs from Seward during the prime time for orca whale watching. What is your favorite vacation memory? It’s hard to beat mountain adventures in Alaska, especially staying at the Sheldon Mountain House on the Ruth Glacier on Denali. The coolest trip that I’ve ever done outside of Alaska was a 10-day hik- ing trip on a trail called the Haute Route, which travels 130 miles from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland. What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever eaten? Grilled octopus leg from a street vendor in Thailand. For more information, contact Middendorf at Vermont Tourism Network MONTPELIER, VERMONT NTA contact: Karen &&B&w&vW ff6RS"#c"##vV'6FSfW&GFW&6WGv&6ФDV&W"66S@vBFRV7B&WBv&Цrf"FRfW&BFW&6WGv&fRfW&BBfRFRVRFW&^( 276W&RBWfW'FW7FЧFBN( 26WFr( &VBF6v66RrFBvVw&Wf6G2fW&BGFW"vW&RFWvfRrWW&V6R@FN( 2vBFrvB&R6RbFRFw2G&fVW'0WW&V6RvVFWf6BfW&CvFVFbW7BfW"cfW&B&WF2FB6FvVЦGFBVR6VVvVW66rFP6RFF( 2v&BFBFW6( BVSVǒ#pN( 26VW6RFf6BvWfW"vPfRw&VBGG&7F27FFWvFR6VFr#R6&W6'G27BvFfW"6V6WW&V6W2vR&Rvf"f&FF&R'F6fB@6VW6RBW"7&gB'&WvrGW7G'6WG2FR7FF&BBvR&Rvf W"VRW"76BW"WFVЧF6GFW"w&W6VBf6BWfW'V B6VR6WFrWrWfW'FRआrFW2v&rvFW"&v旦ЧF&VVfBFW"W&F#fW&BFW&6WGv&2RЧ7F&W6W&6Rf"FW"W&F'2B@6VFW2W6VVB&V6WFfRW&F'0B6'FW"6W2rvF'BЦW'27FFWvFRv&fFRbFP6VG2FFW"6&W6W&6Rf"FVB6VFf&7BFRFW&'"&VfW BGf6Rw&VBF2FRFV FW'2V&&R&RR&V6v&VFv& &r6Gv&VFv&ǒVFv&vVBVBWfW&Bf6&FgFW"Ɨfrf&Ff"3V'2VV@F&RFRVF2BW7BG&fVFFVFf6BvN( 2W"ff&FRfR"Eb6s( BV( B( 66BBVFVBf"&Rf&F6F7B&&B@&&DgF6&W"6