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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Evan Williams Bourbon Experience I arrived in Louisville late in the after- noon and immediately headed to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in the heart of downtown. I joined a few other whiskey aficionados on the Traditional Tour & Tasting, a one-hour crash course in the history of bourbon in Louisville, the biography of Evan Williams and the nuances in distilling the spirit. Our knowledgeable guide led us through elaborate re-creations of his- torical settings: the banks of the Ohio River in the late 1700s, the streets of Prohibition-era Louisville and a mid- century cocktail club straight from a scene in “Mad Men.” At each stop, we watched brief film clips to supplement the context our guide provided. Very little bourbon is produced on- site, but the tour does take groups by the large room where vats of corn mash are distilled and barrelled before the wooden casks are taken away to age. The tour concluded with tips for nov- ice whiskey drinkers as we sipped the distillery’s products, which include both budget and premium products. The Bourbon Experience offers room rentals for groups, including period set- tings and more contemporary spaces, and catered meals can be arranged. 30 July 2017 After imbibing, my next stop was the Muhammad Ali Center. For all the inten- sity that a prize fight might evoke, the setting of the museum was peaceful, inviting and thought-provoking—much like its namesake, I would learn. After watching “If You Can Dream,” a 14-minute introductory film about the life of Ali, I walked through the muse- um’s permanent exhibits. The Core Principles galleries explored the guiding philosophy of Ali’s life: con- fidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect and spirituality. At video booths, guests can sit and record messages about what these principles mean to them. Train with Ali took me through the boxer’s regimen of mental and physical Ali Childhood Home and Museum, open Thursdays through Sundays. exercise in preparation for fights. I tried my hand at punching the speed bag and shadow boxing before deciding that I was fine floating like a butterfly and would leave the “sting like a bee” busi- ness to the professionals. Other galleries contain memorabilia from Ali’s career, and interactive dis- plays supplement biographical informa- tion with historical context. Together, these pieces form a fascinati )ЁéѠѡѥʹٕͥ)Ѽ%ͱɽѠ́ѥ٥Ё)Ёѡɽѡ٥)ɥ́ɄѡYѹ]ȸ)ɽ́͡ձɕ͕مѥ́)Ёѡɕݕ́م)ɥ́مQ͕մ)́䁵ѽɍɽɕ)́ɭ́م͔丁)ЁͼЁѡ5աѥ́ѡɽ՝Ёѡ啅ȸq%ѡݥ)ѕȰݔٔѥհ ɥѵ́)ѥ٥ѥ́ɕѥɹ)ɽ̸͕͡ɽ́٥ͥЁѡ)ɥɥѡ́)ѕ䁑ɕЁɥt)=ѡȁѥ́ՑɅ)ݥѠɍمхQݥ)ɕ͕хѥ䁄ɽͥ)ȁ݅ɥQȴ)ݸЁ͕ͥɅѽˊéѽȁ)͕մɕɕ́Ё䁅)䁅Ʌ)ѕȁѼ́ѡɕэ)ɽѡх́܁ѡ́ݥ)ɕ̰$ͥѡ͕մ)̀ɕqQɕѕЁIt)݅ѡɽ՝ѡᡥ̸ѥ)ٕȁٕ䁅Ёѡ-Սɉ)ɽѡ́́́͡ѕ)́Ѽѡѽ䁽͕Ʌ)QЁ䁅Ёչɥ͔$Ё))Iɽѽȁȁȁѡ)-Սɉ5͕մQ͕մ)Ʌ́ЁѼѡѕ́) ɍݹ̰ݡɔѡ́Ʌ)́Iѽѡɽ՝ݡ)ɽݽձɥɥѡ)Ʌѥé ɕэ ɕЁQȸ)]ݔєЁѡQɅ)-эݔ݅э͕́ո䁑ȴ)ѡȁɹݽɭ̸Qɉ)݅́́ѡѡɕݕ́݅䰁ͼѡ)ɹ́х́ݕɔѱ+q%ѡɥݔ́ٔ)Ʌt́ͅIЁѽȁɽ́ٔ)5ա ѕ) %QdMA=Q1%!