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’17 PREVIEW SAN ANTONIO Deep in the heart of Texas ark Twain has been quoted (perhaps apocryphally) as saying that San Antonio, Texas, is one of only four unique cities in America. While Twain’s tendency toward tall tales and hyperbole might have gotten the best of him on that declaration—only four unique cities?—his point still stands: San Antonio is the product of a rich history that connects native, Spanish and American influences. Travel Exchange ’17 will take place in San Antonio, Dec. 14–18. This marks the return of NTA’s annual convention to the fourth quarter. On the following pages, you’ll find out some of what’s in store for the event and read about some of the city’s compelling attractions. Delegates who attended Travel Exchange ’17 in St. Louis have until July 14 to sign up and save 50 percent on their registration fees for San Antonio, and those weren’t in St. Louis have until that date to receive an early-bird discount. At NTA Headquarters, we might slip and call San Antonio the second Travel Exchange ’17. “So nice, we did it twice,” might even have been printed in the pages of this magazine. But it’s hardly fair to cast this event as a repeat with a host city that is this, well, unique. See what’s in store (and there’s plenty more to come) Thursday night’s icebreaker, sponsored by Visit San Antonio, is at the Witte Museum . Founded in 1926, the museum boasts a collection that focuses on natural history, science and how those disciplines intersect with South Texas culture. The museum recently underwent a massive renovation and expansion of its exhibit spaces following a campaign to raise $100 million to improve the 10-acre campus. The Witte’s new main building opened in March. 24 July 2017 The LDR & Grotto will provide the setting for Friday night’s reception. The LDR ballroom at the Henry Gonzales Convention Center combines design elements from the Old West with cont