Courier January Courier - Page 6

FROM THE EDITOR Bob Rouse Editor 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 350 Lexington, KY 40509 USA +1.859.264.6548 ON BEHALF of humans everywhere, I welcome you to 2018. Wouldn’t you know, I made a resolution to be less flippant in the new year … and it’s not going well. I do understand the appeal of New Year’s resolutions: Putting a promise into words can stiffen your resolve to see it through. I prefer to back into resolutions, and I’ll give you an exam- ple: I published a collection of short stories in 2017, just in time for Christmas. (They were, as it turned out, Christmas stories.) A reporter from my local weekly newspaper asked why I did it, and I told him I was determined to publish a book before I reached the age of 60, and boy, am I cutting it close. I’m not sure why I said that. I can blame it on inexperience with being interviewed, or with being published … or with staring into the eyes of, um, that age. (And in case you’re wondering, the book ranks on Amazon’s Best Sellers list! Granted, it’s No. 547,298—literally—but that’s not the point.) All this is to say that as Courier enters its 45th year (a mere babe), we’re developing a plan to make the magazine more accessible and responsive. This isn’t a resolution, mind you; it’s just a plan. I’ll let you know later what our resolution was. I can promise, though, you’ll be satisfied with this first issue of the year. Coming off a 2017 with two conventions and no Contact, NTA is rolling out a revitalized retreat for tour operators and sponsors: Now held in the spring, Contact will feature more mixers, a double dose of dine-arounds and experiential edu- cation. (Note: We do not charge extra for alliteration.) See Gabe Webb’s preview, starting on page 21. This month’s City Spotlight turns to Toronto, which I explored for a few days following a Tourism Cares volunteer project. My Canadian episode starts on page 30. (pssst … there’s pizza.) Our Compass points include the western U.S. states; Pat Henderson gives us a nice, long look that begins on page 34. Kendall Fletcher makes a few nautical connections with Ireland and the U.K. (pages 43 and 44), and Gabe updates tour product in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. And don’t miss his personal note on page 46. Two more of my NTA HQ colleagues contributed to this issue. Catherine Prather represented the association on a high-level industry summit/Fam trip in Buffalo, New York, and her reflections in AfterWords (page 56) should inspire other DMOs to cook up similar events. And Mary Catherine Dorsett added to the City Spotlight feature on page 32. I could go on and on about additional highlights in the January Courier, but it’s better that you start turning pages. Also, I’m trying to not ramble so much this year. It’s like a resolution. But I’ll finalize it later. Read on, January Courier Destination Index Alaska 36, 42 Louisiana 49 Austria 19 Mississippi 27 Belgium 46 Montana 50 British Columbia 50 The Netherlands 45 California 34–35, 48 New Jersey 26 Charleston, S.C. 21–24 Nevada 41 Connecticut 50 Oregon 38 England 43, 49 Scotland 43–44 Idaho 48 Toronto 30–32, 50 Illinois 18 Washington 40 Ireland 44 West Virginia 18 Kentucky 50 4 January 2018 On the cover: You can feel at home among Charleston’s historical houses on a carriage tour of the city during NTA’s Contact. Turn to page 21 to learn more about the event. Photo: Courtesy of Explore Charleston