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4 From the Editor 6 Voices of Leadership Business January 2018 8 InBrief Jan. 31 is deadline to renew your NTA membership | 2018 is the Canada-China Year of Tourism | Partners you can count on 9 Relating to Government Recent updates to U.S. policies regarding travel to Cuba have been made. The most relevant changes focus on where Americans can spend money and the manner in which they can travel to the country. 10 A united voice NTA organized a coalition of eight industry associations to present a unified voice of concern over recent proposals to increase entry and permit fees for the most visited U.S. national parks. 12 Making a list, checking it twice Social media expert Catherine Heeg shares five ways you can strengthen your email lists and improve outreach to your current and prospective customers. 14 The Interview Greg Edevane of Brandywine Valley, the official tourism agency for Chester County, Pennsylvania, discusses why partnerships and regional packaging work for his destination. 16 NTA Working for You 10 reasons why your NTA membership is the most valuable investment you can make in 2018. 18 What’s On Vienna’s masters of Modernism | Gauley, Gauley, Gauley, get your rapids here | Take a write in downtown Chicago Community 48 Meet the Members Idaho Tourism | Catalina Express | Globetrotters Travel & Tours | The Court of Two Sisters 50 Introducing … Get your first look at five of the members who recently joined NTA. 52 Community News 54 New Members 55 Ad Index/NTA Events Calendar 56 AfterWords NTA’s Catherine Prather reflects on an enlightening visit she made to New York’s Buffalo-Niagara region in October for an industry summit. Courier has used images existing in the public domain or made available from sources including, but not limited to, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons Attribution Generic License. The full text of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License is available at Images used may have been altered by cropping or adjusted for contrast, saturation, size, color, clarity or otherwise digitally manipulated to meet design specifications. Courier’s use of Creative Commons and public domain images does not constitute or suggest the licensor’s explicit or implied endorsement of Courier, its content, staff, contributors, advertisers or any other use by Courier. Official Corporate Partner MAKE getting it all HAPPEN With Staples Advantage ® , you get one source for all your business needs. Plus these perks: • NTA contract pricing • Easy online ordering • Fast, free shipping • A dedicated account manager helping with your account Visit or contact your Staples ® Representative, Brian Morin, at (603) 223-2091 or to learn more. 3