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COMPASS WEST U.S. TO FLAVOR Circles in the Sand TO OUTDOOR ADVENTURE The coast with the most “Bring your blanket, binoculars and camera to make sure you will see our migrating whales and sea birds; all the marine mammals, like otters, harbor seals and sea lions; or maybe just the herds of elk casually hanging out on just another day of life on the magnificent Oregon Coast,” says Marcus Hinz of the Oregon Coast Visitors Association. He recommends the following three group-friendly attractions for travelers heading to the beach towns along the state’s stunning Pacific coastline. Circles in the Sand Local artists have been creating sand labyrinths along the TO CULTURE beaches near the city of Bandon since 2015. The unique walking paths have become a sensation, as more than 6,000 people have followed the trails, and countless others have seen them from the Face Rock Wayside overlook. Oregon Coast Aquarium This world-class educational attraction, nestled on Newport’s Yaquina Bay, offers many ways for visitors to connect with and learn about the more than 250 marine species in the local waters. Groups can take part in a number of daily activities, ranging from guided tours and special exhibits to animal feedings and keeper-for-a-day programs. Tillamook Cheese Factory Guests can learn more about this renowned cheese- production facility along Oregon’s north coast during self-guided tours. This summer the attraction is slated to open a new visitors center with expanded offerings. “Be sure to enjoy one of the Tillamook Cheese Factory ice cream cones and grilled cheese sand- wiches while you are there,” says Hinz. TO DISCOVERY To learn more, contact Marcus Hinz of the Oregon Coast Visitors Association at or go to Oregon Coast Aquarium OPEN UP to more of Snohomish County. There’s a treasure trove of adventure just waiting for you to discover. 38 January 2018 ORDER YOUR FR EE GUIDE!