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TORONTO Another high point of my visit was dinner atop the CN Tower at 360 Restaurant. The food is fabulous—entrees include Atlantic salmon, Alberta prime rib, roasted Ontario chicken and Perth County pork belly—but experiencing the view is all-consuming. Towers are great places for contemplation. The day had been rainy, but the clouds cleared as the sun set. And as darkness fell, lines of traffic lit up in angry red streaks below … while I quietly devoured my carrot and quinoa cake. Morrell-West told me that operators often package Toronto with Niagara Falls as a day trip. In other cases, she said, Toronto is booked as a multi-city tour that can include Ottawa, Montréal and Newfoundland. And Somarr iba was eager to tout Toronto’s professional sports teams. “The fandemonium here is awesome, and you can get your sports fix all year ’round,” she said. The teams 360 Restaurant in the CN Tower CITY SPOTLIGHT she cited are the basketball Raptors, hockey Maple Leafs, foot- ball Argonauts, soccer Toronto FC and baseball Blue Jays. Oh yeah, the Blue Jays. I almost forgot. Due to my tight schedule, I was unable to experience something I had enjoyed during a visit to Toronto years earlier: a harbor cruise. Courtney Mayer of Mariposa Cruises was willing to hold the boat for me, and she can help tour operators hold a special event aboard one of the company’s six ships. “Along with regularly scheduled 45-minute harbor tours, we have lunch, dinner and weekend cruises for groups,” she said. “Tour operators book directly with us.” Operating from April to Dec. 31, Mariposa Cruises also offers private events for visiting school groups and can assist with event planning for as many as 575 guests. Missed the boat Pie, please I had pizza in Toronto I had never before entertained (and I entertain a lot of pizza): a marinara pie with no meat or cheese, pizza with double-smoked bacon and kale, and a sushi pizza. All were memorable. Tanks for the memories Planet Jellies at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada 32 January 2018 BY MARY CATHERINE DORSETT, NTA STAFF While visiting Toronto for Tourism Cares in late October, I had the pleasure of touring Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. I rank this as a must-see on any visit. The aquarium includes four touch tanks, the largest horseshoe crab tank in the world, an enormous jellyfish tank, Ray Bay (with four species of stingray) and the Dangerous Lagoon, an action-packed exhibit that features a tunnel with a moving sidewalk. You can hop on and off to admire stingrays, sea turtles and fish as they swish over your head. For the more adventurous visitor, the aquarium gives you the chance to suit up and swim with the sharks. Reservations are required for this popular program. While I strolled through the galleries, I saw staff divers swimming about, clean- ing the tanks, feeding and checking up on the aquatic life. (One diver was carving a jack-o-lantern underwater!) While you’re there, be sure to check out my favorites: the scarlet cleaner shrimp in one of the touch tanks and Planet Jellies, an otherworldly gallery of backlit jellyfish.