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BUSINESS RELATING TO GOVERNMENT INSIGHTS ON U.S. LEGISLATIVE ISSUES AND INDUSTRY TOPICS Travel to Cuba has changed ON JUNE 16, 2017, U.S. President can be viewed on the State Department’s While the tightening of travel and Donald Trump released his National website (see box). Commercial engage- trade restrictions with Cuba has cre- Security Presidential Memorandum on ments or contracts with these newly ated some confusion for the tourism Strengthening the Policy of the United prohibited entities that were signed community, the administration has set States Toward Cuba. This executive order prior to the administration’s regulatory some limitations that travel profession- directed the secretaries of Treasury and changes will still be authorized. als will be able to work with. Americans Commerce, working in coordina- are still able to travel to Cuba tion with the secretaries of State through groups or opera- and Transportation, to adjust tors licensed by the Treasury regulations and end economic Department for that purpose. practices that disproportionately These changes create some level benefit the Cuban government of certainty for travelers and and its military. With this mem- tour operators alike. orandum, the president also While NTA will continue to sought to ensure adherence to lobby Congress and the admin- the statutory ban on tourism to istration for more open travel Cuba, among other policy goals. between the United States and Following months of planning, Cuba, the industry will be able the departments of Treasury, to continue providing service to Commerce and State announced Cuba within these new param- in November the implementa- eters. As tour companies shift tion of changes to the Cuba their business to align with trade and travel sanctions. The these regulatory changes, NTA United States citizens visiting Cuba will need to comply Treasury Department’s Office with new rules for people-to-people travel. looks forward to continuing of Foreign Assets Control and engagement on this issue. the Commerce Department’s Bureau As for travel to Cuba, individual people- of Industry and Security crafted these to-people nonacademic travel will no Signal Group is a Washington, D.C., changes, which took effect on Nov. 9. longer be authorized under these new lobbying firm retained by NTA to advise For the travel and tourism industry, the regulations. OFAC now requires that all members about travel-related issues most relevant changes to Cuba regulations travel in that category be guided by an and legislation. focus on where Americans can spend organization subject to U.S. jurisdiction, money—or with whom they do business such as a tour operator, and that travel- For more information while in Cuba—and on the manner in ers must be accompanied by a represen- Follow the abbreviated web addresses which Americans can travel to the country. tative of the organization. Educational for additional details: Regarding financial transactions with travel must also occur through an orga- • The full text of the National Cuban businesses, the State Department nization subject to U.S. jurisdiction, and Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the has published a list of businesses and those groups, too, must be accompanied United States Toward Cuba: agencies controlled by the Cuban military, by an organization’s representative. intelligence or security services. Americans OFAC added a “grandfathering” pro- • The State Department’s list of are now prohibited from engaging in direct vision for tourists who had already restricted entities and subentities financial transactions with the entities on booked people-to-people travel. Their associated with Cuba: this list, many of which are hotels, tourist trips will still be authorized if they had agencies, marinas and shops, along with already completed at least one travel- • Frequently asked questions about the list: other Cuban businesses. related transaction, such as purchasing The Cuba Restricted List, which will a flight or reserving a hotel room, prior • Fact sheet: be periodically updated when necessary, to June 16, 2017. 9