Courier February Courier - Page 6

FROM THE EDITOR Bob Rouse Editor 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 350 Lexington, KY 40509 USA +1.859.264.6548 WALK A MILE IN MY BOOTS. If you were at Travel Exchange in San Antonio, chances are you saw an NTA staff member on the move—searching for someone, carrying boxes or scurrying to the next assignment throughout the massive convention center. Beth Engel, a colleague who staffed the Courier booth, tracked her mileage for the seven days (and 121 on-duty hours) we worked the convention, and it totaled 53. I think her steps speak for all of us. We’re not complaining, though, we’re bragging. Serving you and the NTA community—and heck, the tour industry—is our badge of honor. We proudly prop our sore feet up. Of course, our work didn’t end with the final toast of Travel Exchange, and every staff member has long since gone back to their “normal” job at NTA. Here in Courierland, we’re lucky that our jobs involve frequent interactions with members. Our goal is to focus attention on you and your organization. But sometimes when we ask for guidance on exactly what to spotlight, our queries go unanswered. Maybe you don’t know it’s us when we email. If you don’t recognize the bad hombres in the photo, that’s Pat Henderson and me. But despite our realistic portrayal in the photo, we aren’t the only ones who are holding down the editorial fort. Gabe Webb, although he has left NTA Headquarters to pur- sue a master’s degree in The Netherlands (!), will continue to contribute to Courier as his academic demands allow. Before he headed off to Europe, Gabe led the charge on assembling images and comments from Travel Exchange; his convention recap starts on page 20. Pat set aside his six-shooter to explore the beauty and cre- ativity of Western Canada, pages 49 and 50, and he takes the helm on the stories (and guide) detailing NTA-member cruise companies, pages 29–34. Kendall Fletcher, now with a full year of NTA experience, covers a ton of territory in her look at members in the U.S. Great Frontier, which spans pages 41 to 48. I invite you to take sit down with The Interview on pages 14 and 15. You can learn about the success of three member-specific networks—and perhaps commit yourself to getting involved. And we introduce Patti Nickell, as Patti introduces you to NTA members in the Atlantic Coast states, pages 36–40. Patti is a travel writer whose articles appear in newspapers across the U.S., and now she’s contributing to Courier. Don’t ditch her email if she comes knocking on your inbox! Truth be told, I was sorry to leave San Antonio and the com- pany of my favorite travel professionals. But we’ve got lots of Courier articles ahead of us. And I still have my cowboy hat. Read on, February Courier Destination Index Alaska 29, 32 North Carolina 38 Alberta 49 North Dakota 44 Arkansas 19 Québec 53 British Columbia 19, 50 San Antonio, Texas 20–27 Florida 40 Saskatchewan 49 France 31 South Carolina 36 Georgia 36 South Dakota 45 Idaho 47, 48 Virginia 38 India 53 Washington 53 Manitoba 50 Washington, D.C. 18 Massachusetts 30 Wisconsin 53 Michigan 18 Wyoming 42 Montana 46 Yukon 50 4 February 2018 On the cover: During the Travel Exchange icebreaker at the Witte Museum, NTA’s Pam Inman and Visit San Antonio’s Dave Krupinski light the cake to celebrate the city’s 300th birthday. Photo: Courtesy of Visit San Antonio