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Meet the Members PRESENTED BY Hard Rock Cafe International CHICAGO NTA contact: Tara Hippensteel, director, tour and travel, North America Office phone: +1.773.412.0301 Website: NTA member since: 1993 Tell me how the famous Hard Rock Cafe got its start. In 1971, two businessmen traveling in London were seeking an American burger. Then came Eric Clapton followed by Pete Townsend and a football team that needed a logo and a sponsor, all making England’s first “classless” restau- rant! “All is One,” “Love All – Serve All,” “Save the Planet” and “Take Time to Be Kind” are still our mottos we live by daily. What should travelers expect out of an experience at Hard Rock Cafe? They can always expect an authentic experience that rocks! No two cafes are the same—our memorabilia on the walls is different in all cities. Our din- ing offerings are fresh and made from a “scratch kitchen,” and all cafes have local flavor influences. Don’t miss our local legendary burger when visiting a Hard Rock Cafe. Our staff is excitable and our guests leave with a unique, memorable experience. What destination is at the top of your travel bucket list? I live in one of the greatest cities (Chicago), but am always seeking the spirit of aloha in Hawaii. I love the mys- tery and elegance of Europe, although I feel equally at peace in the mountains. What do you like to do on the weekends? Catch up on life, including my best friend, Fozzie, my cavapoo. For more information, contact Hippensteel at Dobbin House Tavern GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA NTA contact: Rick Beamer, general manager Office phone: +1.717.334.2100 Website: NTA member since: 1987 What makes the Dobbin House such a special place? A visit here is like stepping back in time. Built in 1776, Dobbin House Tavern is the oldest building in Gettysburg, and it is located directly across the street from Soldiers National Cemetery, where President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. The home was a station on the Underground Railroad and also a hospi- tal following the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. Here, visitors are surrounded by the history of the house and the his- tory of Gettysburg. What are some of the options groups have when they visit? The Dobbin House offers breakfast, lunch 52 and dinner for groups, both buffet style and served to the table. Guests can eat in bed—a table constructed within a canopy bed frame—on the second floor, or by one of the 13 fireplaces located through- out the building. We also have dining rooms with seating for 10 to 150. Plus, groups can include a period character, like Abraham Lincoln or General and Mrs. Lee, for entertainment following a meal. What other special things do you offer for tour operators? We enjoy sharing the history of the Dobbin House and the Dobbin family with our groups and encourage them to take a free tour of the home. Guests can also see the slave hideout that was part of the Underground Railroad. If you have friends visiting from out of town, where is one place you always take them? Definitely to view the cyclorama paint- ing at the national park visitors center. I think it is the crown jewel of Gettysburg. Visit Clarksville Frances Manzitto +1.931.245.4345 | 800.530.2487 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? My favorite thing is spending time with my grandson Brayden. Brayden is 3 1/2 years old and has a very rare genetic dis- ease. He has given me a whole new per- spective on the important things in life. For more information, contact Beamer at From our picturesque and historic downtown to our rolling countryside, Clarksville welcomes you with open arms. Bringing your group to Clarksville means a trip full of Southern hospitality, unique attractions and shopping, great food and memories that will last a lifetime. Find out more at