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February 2018 The Wright coast: Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina’s Outer Banks highlights the aviational genius of Orville and Wilbur Wright, who in December 1903 successfully engineered the first sustained, powered flight. Go to page 36 to learn about destinations along the U.S. Atlantic Coast. Features Compass 36 Atlantic Coast Tybee Island: Dig that retro feel Tours, turtles and crepe myrtles Ships, shops and a tattoo 20 A toast to Texas The Outer Banks’ history and highlights Rev up for Daytona Beach 42 Great Frontier U.S. Why Wyoming? We’ll give you three reasons. The NTA community gathered in San Antonio in December for a memorable week of networking, deal-striking, River Walking and armadillo racing. See the stars in North Dakota Sweets, meats and drinkable treats Scenery, wildlife abound in Glacier National Park Sink, swim or float in Idaho 49 Western Canada Wild about Saskatchewan’s wildlife 29 In Pursuit of Alberta adventure Rolling at the River Rock On the trail of small-town Manitoba A cornucopia of cruise options NTA-member cruise companies ply the group market with water-based product ranging from weeks-long voyages to one- hour trips. Festivals feature Yukon’s cultural riches 1