Courier February Courier - Page 26

’17 RECAP The shows within the show Luncheons and evenings at Travel Exchange ’17 were filled with parties at top local attractions and dazzling shows by marquee performers. I have to say the Deep in the Heart of Texas party was the best event I have seen at recent NTA conventions. It was great to see so many people genuinely enjoying themselves, so many people dancing— including some you would not expect to be dancing—great food, fun cowboy pics and, all in all, fun that really felt like a party! —PETER CRADDICK, GLOBETROTTERS TRAVEL & TOURS (HARROW, ENGLAND) My favorite moment was the party at Grotto on the River Walk: great food, the River Walk boat tour, dancing and a cowboy photo … unforgettable! —ELSA LO, CHINA SILK TOURS (NEW YORK CITY) While all the events were wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed the dine-arounds I attended. They were a great way to relax and get to know people on a more in-depth level. I also had a blast at the opening event at the Witte Museum! What a surreal experience to have this incredible museum and the exhibits to ourselves. (And the mariachi band that greeted us when we entered was icing on the cake—just outstanding!) —JENNA AUKERMAN, OMANSON TOUR & TRAVEL INC. (SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA) Everyone loves a birthday party, but a 300th birthday with dinosaurs, drinks, dancing and cake?! It was the perfect opening night icebreaker! —CAROL ROSS, PORTLAND ROSE FESTIVAL (PORTLAND, OREGON) 24 February 2018