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FROM THE EDITOR Bob Rouse Editor 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 350 Lexington, KY 40509 USA +1.859.264.6548 WHAT DO YOU WANT FIRST—the good news or the bad news? Life doesn’t always fall into neat piles of positive or negative notifications, but the question is a familiar one. I usually opt for the bad news first, and maybe that’s because we watch a lot of “House Hunters” at my home. Starting in late summer, the bad news for many destinations was a hurricane. And for other beautiful spots in North America, it was wildfires. Natural disasters are not new to our lives, but the rapid succession and intensity of Harvey, Irma and Nate—and the seriousness of fires in California and other western states and provinces—were, well, bad news. We checked in with our Caribbean members in last month’s issue, and on pages 38 to 44 of this Courier, you’ll get updates on Gulf Coast destinations in terms of both tour product and hurricane consequences. Some of our coastal DMO members reported zero damage, while others are in the middle of a months-long recovery. The destinations we spotlight all have good news to share— make no mistake—and there’s also heartening words and helpful advice from three destinations that went through natural disasters of their own in the past few years. Read about them starting on page 12. And don’t miss Kristian Sonnier’s essay about his New Orleans experience—both personal and December Courier Destination Index Alberta 46 Montana 52 British Columbia 46, 48 New Jersey 31 California 28–31 New Mexico 18 Colorado 45 New York 28 England 66 North Carolina 30 Florida 28, 31, 38 Norway 53 Hawaii 30 Ontario 67 Iceland 53 Oregon 30 Idaho 51 Portugal 54 Las Vegas 32–36 Rhode Island 31 Louisiana 40, 44 South Carolina 30–31 Maine 30 Spain 54 Maryland 67 Texas 31, 43 Mississippi 30, 42 Utah 50 Missouri 18 Wyoming 66 professional—with Hurricane Katrina. It’s on page 72. And there’s more good destination news: Pat Henderson takes us on a multipage trek through the Rockies (pages 45–52) and shares details on 20 beach experiences across the U.S. (starting on page 28), Gabe Webb shines the city spotlight on Las Vegas (pages 32–36) and profiles Scandinavia (page 53), and Kendall Fletcher showcases Spain and Portugal on page 54. I’m not ignoring our Distinguished Dozen winners. (Remember, we started with the bad news.) Our gorgeous cover shot of the Portland Aerial Tram in Portland, Oregon, which won gold for North American City/Region DMO Partner, is the first of a batch of beautiful photos. Get the gold, silver and bronze report for all 12 categories on pages 19 through 27. Congratulations to every medalist! The last bit of good news I want you to see is not breaking news; it’s been a long, steady stream of straight-up positivity. NTA is recognizing its most steadfast members by creating a legacy program. Starting on page 56, you can view the list of 383 (!) organizations that have maintained membership for 30 or more consecutive years. Occupants of the last two lists I mentioned—Distinguished Dozeners and Legacy Members—will be recognized during luncheons at Travel Exchange in San Antonio. San Antonio. Getting together with you … during a festive holiday season … beside the famed River Walk … is almost too much goodness for one page. So I’ll resume in the next issue, which we’ll wrap up on our way out the door to Texas. That’s great news. See you there! Write on, On the cover: The Portland Aerial Tram gives commuters and visitors in Portland, Oregon, an elevated view of Mount Hood. Photo: Bruce Forster 4 December 2017