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A primer on Portugal ’ s products
Happy 400th , Murillo

Portugal and Spain


A primer on Portugal ’ s products

There are many trails to travel to discover some of Portugal ’ s popular natural products . Here are three directions groups can take to learn about the production processes ( and indulge a little ):
Cork Cork cultivation is a thousand-year-old industry , and Portugal is the No . 1 producer in the world . Visitors to Serra do Caldeirão can take the cork route , which showcases the steps in the process , from the oak groves to the extraction of the cork to the end products — shoes , purses , fishing rod handles , insulation and floor coatings . They can visit the cork museum and take walks to observe the flora and fauna of a cork forest .
Olive oil Whether traveling by car , bike or on foot in Trás-os-Montes , visitors can choose from four roadmaps on the olive oil route in the northeast province . They ’ ll visit the olive oil farms in each location and learn the manufacturing processes passed down through generations , as well as the most current production techniques . Guests can also taste the products and take home their favorites .
Wine Portugal is home to numerous wineries and farms , each with vines unique to their areas . The L ’ AND Vineyards Resort in Alentejo is surrounded by views of a lake and the medieval castle of Montemor . Guests can experience grapebased beauty treatments in the resort ’ s spa and take balloon rides over the vineyards . The oldest wine region in the world is in the Douro Valley , declared a UNESCO World Heritage site , and it can be toured by car , train or boat .
Cork trees
L ’ AND Vineyards Resort
For more information , contact Enca Mello with the Portuguese National Tourist Office at enca . mello @ turismodeportugal . pt or go to visitportugal . com .

Happy 400th , Murillo

Visitors to Seville can take part in the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of renowned Sevillian
“ The Annunciation ” by Murillo
CC WIKIMEDIA COMMONS : bit . ly / 2lYuOoY painter , Bartolomé Esteban Murillo , during the Year of Murillo .
“ It will be celebrated during 2018 with many cultural activities and events throughout the city , and it is a great opportunity to rediscover the unique treasures that are the rich cultural legacy of Seville ,” says Elisa Sainz with the Tourist Office of Spain .
Murillo , a Baroque artist known for his religious works , left a lasting legacy in Seville by defining an artistic style and largely influencing Andalusian art .
Through Dec . 8 , 2018 , the exhibit “ Murillo at the Cathedral ” will be open at the Cathedral of Seville . In addition to viewing 16 of his works , visitors can see documents from the Hermanidad de la Santa Caridad and the cathedral archives related to Murillo ’ s life and work .
The exhibit “ Murillo y su estela en
Sevilla ,” hosted by the Convent of Santa Clara through April 8 , 2018 , will feature 62 works by Murillo , including some of his original paintings , as well as other artists ’ oil paintings , drawings , photographs and sculptures .
A third exhibit celebrates “ El Jubileo de la Porciuncula ,” considered one of Murillo ’ s masterpieces . The painting , which resides over the central altarpiece at a church in Germany , was returned to Seville for the celebration and will be displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville .
Visitors can also attend a symposium on Murillo in March featuring 50 speakers from all over the world .
An anthological exhibition , lectures and other cultural events are slated through January 2019 . For more information , contact Sainz at newyork . trade @ tourspain . es or visit spain . info .
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