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CITY SPOTLIGHT Las Vegas COMPILED BY GABE WEBB For more information about Las Vegas, contact John Meyer of the Las Vegas CVA at or go to Headed to Vegas? You’re in luck. Cirque du Soleil Cirque du Soleil’s imaginative combination of theatrics, acrobatics and artistry have earned its shows recognition around the world. At its Las Vegas venues, audiences can choose from one of seven productions: “KÀ,” “Michael Jackson ONE,” “Mystère,” “O,” “The Beatles LOVE,” “Zumanity” and “Criss Angel MINDFREAK LIVE.” In addition to group rates and packages, Cirque du Soleil can also tailor programs to student groups, with cur- riculum assistance and opportunities for a Q&A with one of the organiza- tion’s professionals. 32 December 2017 Cirque is a sure bet The number seven has been seen as auspicious across time and cultures. A survey of 30,000 Brits once overwhelmingly showed seven as people’s favorite number, and that country’s most notable super spy is neither 006 nor 008. Studies have shown that seven is the largest quantity of an item that humans can determine without counting. Many religions regard seven as highly symbolic. And there’s one place you can put all that good fortune to use: Las Vegas. You’re in luck, too. The NTA membership includes top-notch enter- tainment venues, sightseeing tour providers, casinos and resorts in the Las Vegas area. We’ve compiled seven ways your fellow NTA members can help you round out a Vegas visit.