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New York’s JFK, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco were the other top ports generating visitors to Chicago in 2016, and all four were down when compared to 2015. With the top five ports generating fewer visitors to Chicago in 2016, the city posted its third decline since 2009. Overseas visitor arrivals at Fort Lauderdale’s International Airport (FLL) totaled 904,000, up 3 percent from 2015. However, the number of overseas arriv- als visiting the Fort Lauderdale area was estimated at 1.02 million, up 12 percent. Fort Lauderdale saw more visitors who entered via Miami’s International Airport and subsequently visited the city in both 2015 (429,000) and 2016 (480,000), than it did from those who entered through FLL, although the growth in visits in 2015 from Miami was only 12 percent. FLL generated 292,000 visitors in 2015 and 351,000 in 2016, a 20 percent increase. Newark (EWR), New York’s JFK and Orlando (MCO) were the next largest ports generating visitors to Fort Lauderdale in 2016. EWR and JFK posted growth in 2016 whereas MCO posted a decline. This type of analysis can be performed for each of the top states and cities. In addition to the changes in arrivals and visits at the ports of entry that gener- ate visitation to U.S. destinations, NTTO also provides additional data that can be used to explain the shifts in visita- tion from year to year. An analysis of other visitor characteristics can also help pinpoint reasons for visitation changes; they can include purpose of trip, first time/repeat, package travel, number of destinations visited, transportation used within the U.S. and trip-party size. This information is unique to the SIAT, and no other data source provid- ing visitation estimates can provide as accurate a justification for the changes in visits as NTTO can through this Overseas visitors to U.S. cities in 2016 RANK CITY VISITORS (000) | 2015/2016 CHANGE 1 NEW YORK CITY 2 MIAMI 3 LOS ANGELES 4 ORLANDO 5 SAN FRANCISO 6 LAS VEGAS 7 8 9,800 5,379 4,977 4,473 3,571 3,327 -3% -2% 2% -5% -2% -2% HONOLULU 2,394 | 1% WASHINGTON, D.C. 2,090 | -2% 9 BOSTON 1,526 | -5% 10 CHICAGO 1,466 | -10% Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, ITA, Industry & Analysis, National Travel and Tourism Office See the full list at program. When used to understand visi- tors to a destination year over year, the SIAT is a powerful tool in guiding the travel industry to explain the changes— and in providing data to expand over- seas travel to the area. This type of analysis does not stop at the overseas level, but can also be done at the coun- try and individual-sector level. If your destination shows an increase or decline that you do not understand, please contact NTTO, and a staff mem- ber can explain how visitation estimates are derived through the SIAT data. Book your group now! / muny About NTTO The National Travel and Tourism Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration manages the Travel and Tourism Statistical System for the U.S. For more information and the latest data, market research, news releases and policy information, visit Missouri History Museum Forest Park | St. Louis | 11