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August/September 2017 Seal the deal: Home to hundreds of species of birds and marine life, the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reserve near Monterey, California, is a popular spot for paddling tours. As they float through the main slough’s channel, visitors can check out harbor seals, otters, sea lions, crabs, pelicans, herons and more. Turn to page 36 to see details on Monterey and other coastal California destinations. Features Compass 36  Coastal California Whales and trails in Monterey Beyond Silicon Valley in Santa Clara SLO ride, and take it easy San Diego’s super suppliers 23 40 Great Lakes Cruise into The Henry Ford Vikings to invade Eagan Getting on board in Chicago That ship has sailed Look back, look forward to southern Indiana NTA’s fleet of museums—some of them afloat—enlighten visitors with historical artifacts, behind-the-scenes tours and hands-on experiences. Sharpen your senses for Cleveland Wisconsin cheese, history … and jelly beans On the move in Green Bay 46  Southwest U.S. It’s arty time Night at the opera Mix it up in El Paso The sundown lowdown 31 50 Eastern Europe See Slovakia from tajch to bottom City Spotlight: Denver Katarina Line celebrates 25 years of sailing Colorado’s capital city blends a diverse group of cultural attractions and a thriving culinary scene with natural beauty. Roundabout takes travelers straight to the heart of Slovenia 1