Courier August/September Courier - Page 8

FROM THE EDITOR Bob Rouse Editor in Chief 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 350 Lexington, KY 40509 USA +1.859.264.6548 DID YOU NOTICE your Courier has a new look? (PLEASE SAY YES) Some of the changes are more obscure than others, so I’ll give you the rundown. • The masthead—our title … Courier, you know—has a fresh font and a funky “o.” I h pe you like it. • Full-bleed cover might sound alarming, but it simply means we’re taking the cover image to the very edge, where for the past several years we’ve had a white border. • Matte finish is the new non-glossy cover. To the lady from Ontario who told me she was grossed out by the creepy feel of (another) magazine: I hope you’re OK with ours. • Saddle-stitch binding, which is more of a fold-over, takes the place of the flat “perfect-bound” spine. • Efficient pagination means we’ve combined some pages, e.g., the tables of contents. • Our fonts are new, too. Our primary font is now Gandhi Serif, with Source Sans Pro for the titles. I hope that’s not too much change for you all at once. But as a great man once said, “Life moves pretty fast.” Granted, he was a teen-aged character in an ’80s movie, but Bueller was great. Speaking of great, we think this issue is pretty special. It’s museumy, for sure. On pages 26 to 32, Patti Nickell looks at 10 NTA-member museums that exemplify today’s captivating, innovative attractions. And then all our mesmeriz- ing museums—with contact info—are listed in a guide starting on page 48. Don’t miss pages 22 through 25, where managing editor Pat Henderson retraces his tracks across the endless plains of Tanzania, where an NTA Product Development Trip took him in June. It’s where the wild animals roam. I had a tamer, but immensely enjoyable, trip to Seattle, where I fell in love with the Norwegian Bliss. Read about the awesome ship and splendid city on pages 20–21. As always, we cover a boatload of places and experiences, starting on page 33: Coastal California, the Great Lakes states, Southwest U.S. and Eastern Europe. And here’s what’s extra cool: Each of these stories—and oth- ers from this issue—will soon join hundreds of Courier articles on our new website, The soon-to-launch website will allow us—and you—to share content about NTA members and cool travel ideas for a broader audience. I know what you’re thinking: We update our print product … and then we go big-time with digital. What can I tell you? Life moves pretty fast. Read on, August/September Courier Destination Index Alberta 60 New York 32 Arizona 42, 44 Ohio 28, 37 California 33–36, 62 Oregon 60 Cayman Islands 62 Rhode Island 31 Croatia 47 Slovakia 46 Florida 30 South Dakota 30, 62 Illinois 17, 40 Tanzania 22–25 Indiana 38 Tennessee 27 Louisiana 26–27 Texas 44 Maryland 18 Vermont 62 Massachusetts 30 Virginia 19 Michigan 41 Washington 21, 61 Minnesota 38 Washington, D.C. 28 Missouri 28 Wisconsin 37, 62 New Mexico 42 4 August/September 2018 On the cover: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland provides a look at the bands and personalities that have shaped modern music. Photo: CC Flickr/J.Dell Photography: