Courier August/September Courier - Page 64

Meet the Members Portland Spirit and Events PORTLAND, OREGON NTA contact: Nathan Boese, director of sales Office phone: +1.503.943.9102 Website: NTA member since: 2008 How long has Portland Spirit been run- ning sightseeing cruises? With almost 25 years on the waters, we have mastered the art of the riverboat experience. We have tried many interesting cruises in the past, so we know what works. We provide an all-inclusive experience from the moment our g uests come aboard. Talk about your different cruises. We cover a lot here at Portland Spirit and Events. Besides our full-time operation and tours in Portland on the Willamette River, we also operate our historical sternwheeler in the Columbia River Gorge from June to October. To shake things up throughout the year, we have designed a series of specialty cruises that include ones to Astoria, Oregon; Tri-Cities, Washington; and the Bonneville Dam on the gorge. We also cruise with the Christmas Ship Parade in December. How do your offerings connect groups with local history? We are fortunate to cruise some very historical waters. Guests are given a glimpse of the journey of the Lewis and Clark expedition from 1804–06. In fact, many of the sites that tour groups see along the way were named by the explorers. What is a favorite hobby of yours? I studied theater in college, and so I might be a theater geek. I truly feel Portland compares favorably to much larger cities when it comes to our variety of local theater companies. What destination do you most want to visit? There are many on my bucket list. However the movie “Lost in Translation” is one of my favorite films of all time, so Tokyo, Japan, has always been on the top of my list. For more information, contact Boese at Heritage Park Historical Village CALGARY, ALBERTA NTA contact: Sandy Wilde, group tourism specialist Office phone: +1.403.268.8612 Website: NTA member since: 1982 Tell me a little about Heritage Park Historical Village. Heritage Park Historical Village is a Destination Canada “Signature Experience” and also Canada’s largest living history experience. In the summer we reveal four distinctly different eras of Western Canadian history in 180 exhibit buildings. Rides such as our thundering steam train and paddle- wheeler boat are included in the price of admission. Winter offers our stunning Gasoline Alley Museum and all the shops and restaurants in Heritage Town Square. What are some of your group offerings? Tour operator groups of 15 or more are offered a complimentary map with the daily activity guide, a tour given by one of our 60 August/September 2018 costumed tour guides and discounts in our unique retail shops. Heritage Park is well known for customizing expe- riences for tour operators and for our quality “field-to-fork” food service concept. New for 2018, we are able to waive the tax on pre-booked group meals! Plus, motorcoaches always receive complimen- tary parking. I love my job because … I have worked for Heritage Park for 20 years, and I am still amazed at how I am able to learn something new every day. I hear the train whistle from my desk, and I can stroll back 10,000 years and experience the life of the Blackfoot people or have tea in the 1910 village with the ladies as they discuss the issues of the ‘day.’ There is a new authentic history made here every single day. What’s your favorite hobby? Travel! What was your dream job growing up? To be a travel journalist. For more information, contact WIlde at