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August/September 2018 FEATURES DEPARTMENTS Seattle, meet Bliss Courier’s Bob Rouse expresses his love of Deck 15 on Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship and relates his experiences on his first visit to Seattle. 20 4 From the Editor 6 Voices of Leadership Business 8 InBrief Tourism Cares for New Orleans event coming up | 3 ways to better your business at Travel Exchange | Latest member satisfaction survey: NTA is a place to do business 10 Relating to Government: Act now NTA members are urged to contact their representatives now regard- ing the U.S. National Park Service’s proposed changes to fees and Commercial Use Authorizations at its sites. 11 4 secrets to social ad success Social ads are the way of the world when it comes to skyrocketing the number of people you reach online. Catherine Heeg shares some social ad hacks to help you boost your visibility. 12 Innovative work helps struggling natural areas Leave No Trace is a nonprofit organization and education program dedicated to protecting the outdoors by teaching people to enjoy it responsibly. 14 Business is booming in Canada Courier’s Bob Rouse recaps Rendez-Vous Canada in Halifax, where he heard about the many ways in which tourism to the country is thriving. 16 NTA Working for You Learn how an email from an NTA ambassador resulted in a face-to- face meeting between two international members. 17 What’s On New Chicago attraction builds on history | Baltimore helps students catch the vision | Flights and lights Endless fun on Tanzania’s endless plains 22 Northern Tanzania’s national parks and wild animals dazzled and delighted participants during an NTA product development trip that was organized by Pongo Safaris & Tours. Modern museums: Anything but dry and dusty Take a look at 10 NTA-member museums that continue to enlighten, educate and fascinate visitors. 26 COMPASS Resources 48 Courier’s Guide to NTA-member Museums 33 37 Coastal California Community Great Lakes 60 Meet the Members Portland Spirit and Events | Heritage Park Historical Village | Museum of Flight 42 Southwest U.S. 62 Introducing … Liv Hospitality | Milwaukee Food & City Tours | CayTours | Academy Museum of Motion Pictures | Raymond Management Company | Jay Peak Resort, Vermont USA Eastern Europe 63 New Members/NTA Events Calendar Croatia | Slovakia 64 AfterWords NTA’s Ashley Fish recaps her experiences identifying, appropriately, fish during the recent Tourism Cares for South Florida project. 46 Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Minnesota | Ohio | Wisconsin Arizona | New Mexico | Texas Courier has used images existing in the public domain or made available from sources including, but not limited to, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons Attribution Generic License. The full text of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License is available at Images used may have been altered by cropping or adjusted for contrast, saturation, size, color, clarity or otherwise digitally manipulated to meet design specifications. Courier’s use of Creative Commons and public domain images does not constitute or suggest the licensor’s explicit or implied endorsement of Courier, its content, staff, contributors, advertisers or any other use by Courier. 1