Courier August/September Courier - Page 36

Elaine Wilson Carousel Imagine a museum where you can test your Pac-Man skills, move pieces around on a life-size chess board, sit down with a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery book, or move cartoon characters around on a large screen using just your arms. Imagination is what the Strong is all about. “The Strong is like no other museum and is a must for adult groups,” says Karen Dodson, tourism sales associate. “It pro- vides a nostalgia-filled journey through the toys and games of our childhood, offering an opportunity to see one-of-a-kind arti- facts, such as the first hand-made Monopoly set, the original Barbie and one of the first commercial jigsaw puzzles.” Future plans include a 100,000-square- foot wing that will house new exhibits, such as the World Video Game Hall of Fame. And these are just 10 examples, 10 quick tours through a sampling of unique experiences that NTA-member museums provide to visitors of all ages and interests. To see the full list of member museums—complete with contact information—turn to page 48. TA $RU5U%42Td$tUED$RU5U%42Td$tUED$RU$Œ4TEDRTԕ5D$Œ4TEDRTԕ5D$Œ0VVFR@&F6W@6Vǒv&FVBv72dWW&V6R76RVVFR@6Vǒv&FVBv726&F6W@B&fFR7FVBFW'06Vǒv&FVBv72dWW&V6R76RVVFR@6Vǒv&FVBv726&F6W@B&fFR7FVBFW'06VǒvB&fFPB$DU2d"u$U0DT$PB$U@d$ĕED44TDT@4D5C$DU2d"u$U0DT$PB$U@d$ĕED44TDT@4D5C$DU2d"u$PW6W26Vǒv&FV76PBv70VVFPw&Ww&W6W06W26Vǒv&FV76PBv70VVFPw&Ww&W6W06W26VǐbR#`VVFR6#bR#`#bR#`w&WFW'476VVVFR6Цw&W46Vǖv&FVFv726Цw&W476VVVFR6#bR#`#bR#`w&WFW'46Vǖv&FVFv726Цw&W46Vǖv&FVFv726w&W476VVVFR6#bR#w&W46w&W26Vǖv&FVFv726f6@76VVVFR6w&W26Vǖv&FVFv726f6@76VVVFR6w&W26Vǖv3 VwW7B6WFV&W"#