Courier August/September Courier - Page 32

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum | Cleveland If your group is a little less country and a little more rock and roll, preferring “Blue Suede Shoes” to “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” then this museum on the shores of Lake Erie is tailor made for you. Your only problem might be budgeting enough time to rock your way through all six floors. (Tip: The first floor has most of the action.) You can’t miss Jimi Hendrix’s guitar or Mick Jagger’s jumpsuit. You must watch Michael Jackson and the Stones in concert, and listen to Aretha Franklin talk about who influenced her music. You absolutely can’t leave without finding out how certain cities—Memphis, Detroit, Liverpool and Seattle—influenced musical genres. From Buddy Holly to the Beatles, this one has it all. Time cover from 1968 | Washington, D.C. Even if your group isn’t composed of news junkies, they will be fascinated by this interactive museum where five centuries of news history combines with up-to-the-second technology. Some of the exhibits are gut-wrenching: those on the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, the Berlin Wall and the Vietnam Tet Offensive. Some are heartwarming: the gallery of presidents and their canine companions—from George Washington’s American foxhound to Barack Obama’s Portuguese Water Spaniel. And some are just plain informative: the Time Warner World News Gallery, with its 36-foot-wide world map—updated annually—illustrating by color code the different levels of press freedom in countries around the world. At this museum, you can be sure of o RFsFW&^( 27V6Fr2fRWw2Ww6WV&pW6WVBFRvFWv&67BV0FW( fR&VVr&VWw2FVǒ7BV2FR6FbRbW&6( 2w&VFW7BV6W2b'BB&VFW7BW&&7&2FRvFWv&6f6W&6&6FV7BVW&6&V( 267VGW&VB&&&b7FVVFvW'2c3fVWB&fRFP֗7676&fW"B2f6&R7&72FR7BV2WG&&VGv6R2F2FR7FGVRbƖ&W'GFR&66VV'&FW2F0VffW'6( 2f6bfW7BFW7Ff6F'2FR76VvW"G&FFRFbFR&6f"FR&ƖvF'( ~( B( r( gFW'v&BFW66V6WBFR7&ƖrWrW6WVv6&VVVBVǒ22'BbCsb֖Ɩ&VfFbFRf6F'26VFW"vW&W0f7W267BV2FRF( 2vW7Gv&BW6BFR7F'bFR&6G6VbvFWv&66ФW6WVBFRvFWv&66&7V"7G'V7GW&R#VwW7B6WFV&W"#Ww6WVФB2( 26W2Bv76W