Courier August/September Courier - Page 24

Seattle, meet BY BOB ROUSE IF YOU WANT TO MEET ME on the Norwegian Bliss, I’ll be on Deck 15. On a ship with 20 restaurants and 13 bars, my favorite spot on the Bliss was the observation lounge. Situated forward and high above the sea, the lounge lets you see where you’re going in life. Depending on the sailing, you’ll see Alaskan glaciers, Caribbean beaches or any number of sights up and down North American coasts. Along with my wife, I was on a mini-cruise: a three-night sailing out of Seattle designed to introduce travel Bliss professionals the newest of Norwegian Cruise Line’s 16 ships. But back to Deck 15. When you’re (literally) lounging on a comfy couch, with the feint hum of the engine and a marvelous vista unfolding through floor-to-ceiling windows, you can do some serious pondering about your future. Including what’s for lunch. Food, yes. It’s possible that talking about food on a cruise is cliché because everyone rants about the vast amount and endless choices. But there’s a really, really good reason for so much culinary conversation: The food is that awesome. There weren’t enough meal times for Mary Beth and me to dine in every restau- rant aboard the Bliss, but in the three eve- nings we stepped up to the plate, we bat- ted 1.000. We had a fabulous Italian din- ner in the sophisticated La Cucina, a fancy Mexican meal in Los Lobos and a mess of barbecue and fixin’s in Q Smokehouse. I defy you to find a better beef bris- ket—or a bigger banana pudding—than they serve at Q. Out of professional duty, I visited many other onboard eateries for meals Our early June “introductory” sailing aboard the Norwegian Bliss was an all-too-quick trip from Seattle, the ship’s summer home port pictured here, to Victoria, the pretty and engaging capital of British Columbia. 20 August/September 2018