Courier August/September Courier - Page 14

BUSINESS RELATING TO GOVERNMENT INSIGHTS ON U.S. LEGISLATIVE ISSUES AND INDUSTRY TOPICS The time to act is now Let policymakers know your opinion on changes to U.S. National Park fees By establishing a coalition of like- minded executives from travel industry associations, NTA President Pam Inman has spearheaded an effort to ensure fairness and transparency in the U.S. National Park Service’s proposal to increase fees for entry and Commercial Use Authorizations. The coalition has been engaged with staff members at gov- ernment agencies and with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. In October last year, NPS released a proposal to substantially raise entrance fees at 17 specific parks across the country, starting in 2018. After receiv- ing more than 110,000 comments from the public, NPS presented an alternative proposal this April. This plan, drasti- cally different than the initial one, would slightly increase fees at 117 different parks—and it pushes back the implemen- tation date to October 2019. There is nothing stronger than your authentic sentiments to help government leaders understand the impact of policy on voters’ lives and livelihoods. Additionally, the proposal mandates CUA permits and establishes seasonal peak pricing on commercial entry fees at U.S. national parks. The new CUA per- mitting requirements carry a significant administrative and monetary burden that could have detrimental impacts on NTA members. NTA has consistently 10 August/September 2018 emphasized that the NPS’ proposal unfairly targets both consumers and tour oper