Courier August/September Courier - Page 10

VOICES OF LEADERSHIP NTA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Executive Committee Chair J. Chris Babb The Group Tour Company Pam Inman President 101 Prosperous Place, Suite 350 Lexington, KY 40509 USA +1.859.264.6551 NIMBY. In case you don’t know, the acronym stands for Not in My Backyard. You hear it voiced during discussions about where to put a new prison, a halfway house or even immigrants coming into a country. Everyone thinks it a good idea as long as they don’t have to face it in their community every day. Our industry is facing a bit of a NIMBY mindset as cities confront overtourism: Communities that promoted and worked hard to get visitors are now feeling crowded out. Some of you might be facing this issue where you live, but I’m guessing most are still working hard to increase visitation. I’ve spent some of the summer IMBY—not literally my backyard since I live in two con- dos—exploring treasures that are right under my nose but had escaped my attention. It reminds me that I don’t have to travel half- way around the world to experience some truly remarkable places. The first one was Equus Run Vineyards in Midway, Kentucky, right outside of Lexington. The winery was started 20 years ago by an IBM executive who decided to come home to her Kentucky roots and establish some new ones of her own. I loved her spirit, her enthusiasm and yes, of course … her wine! It’s as good as any California wine I’ve ever tasted, and the tour was a true winemaking lesson, not just a tasting. The next adventure was completely dif- ferent. Believe it or not, in all my years liv- ing in Washington, D.C., I had never been to Gettysburg, so after visiting friends in Pennsylvania, I decided that a stop there was a must. What a moving experience to imagine what it must have been like for the soldiers on both sides—sweltering heat, despair, so many wounded and dead. It was another reminder of the sacrifices that soldiers and families make and how grateful I am for their gift to us. Summer is a busy time for all of you, but I hope you have time to have an adventure in your backyard. Your NTA Board of Directors has a meeting in Ottawa, hosted by Ottawa Tourism (thanks, Kelly Dean), and we’re sure to discover new things there. But the main purpose is to take the information you provided to Minding Your Business (our convention consultant) and bring new ideas forward for Travel Exchanges in the future. We’ve already made changes to Milwaukee, which we’ll highlight in TREXpress. If you’re not registered, make sure you do so before Sept. 7, when the appoint- ment request system opens. Happy traveling! Vice Chair Paul Larsen Ed-Ventures Secretary Dennis McDonnell Alaska Coach Tours Immediate Past Chair Jay Smith Sports Travel and Tours DMO Director Frances Manzitto Visit Clarksville Tour Supplier Director Jim Magrath Delta Air Lines Directors Jennifer Adu Wyoming Office of Tourism Debra Asberry Women Traveling Together Dan Flores Maverick Aviation Group Edita Krunic Select International Tours Cory Mace North Central Group – Hilton & Marriott Hotels John McGlade Euro River Cruises Dave Nitkiewicz Experience Grand Rapids Chase Poffenberger Academic Travel Abroad Jerry Varner Making Memories Tours Jim Warren, CTP Anderson Vacations Director at Large Equus Run Vineyards in Midway, Kentucky 6 August/September 2018 Kelly Dean Ottawa Tourism